What energy and experiences can we expect in February 2013?

This month has a very forceful energy. The force being pushed through you
this month is Love. There is such an incredibly strong Love coming through
you this month that you actually might feel pushed around by it. That can
be an amazing and beautiful thing, it can also be challenging because Love
can be the thing that heals you, but growing your capacity for Love often
requires that you experience heartbreak in order to open you more deeply.

This month it is very important for you to take care of the things you love.
Take good care of yourself -- look for things you love in yourself, honor
your gifts, forgive your flaws, and be kind to your physical body. Take good
care of your loved ones, of land or property that you love, and of projects,
organizations and communities that you love. It is very important that you
be driven by Love in your actions this month.

Consider Love as energetic material that carries a certain kind of
forcefulness, much like water in a river. To stay afloat in the current, you
must exert force of your own by swimming or paddling your boat. If you are
relaxed and gentle about Love this month, then you will be knocked over by
it. You may have your heart broken or your love may be misunderstood.
If you are not mindful in making sure to use Love with intention, it is likely
that something will go wrong in a way that causes you to love more deeply.
But if you can be assertive and intentional with your Love right from the
start, you will not need anything to go wrong -- you will already be moving
in the current.

Look for every chance you have to share Love and offer Love this month,
because it is moving more strongly than ever. The capacity for Love on
the planet has increased, which is wonderful, but it can be overwhelming.
Imagine you are in the desert and have longed for water for years. The
water is finally coming, but it is coming in a tsunami or a flash flood. If
you stand in the way, if you resist opening your heart, you are going to get
knocked over. If you try to hold on to grudges or hurt feelings, you will be
knocked over by the pain. Whereas if you allow your tears to flow and your
emotions to arise, then Love will rush through you and it will heal you. It
can shift you more completely into Enlightenment than you have ever been
shifted before. There is a really powerful energy this month, and with any
power, you need to be careful. But the power Love, so do not resist.

Are there any activities we can participate in this month to better help us work with this energy?

Yes. It is very important to be active this month. Move your body,
challenge your mind, practice speaking up where you never spoke up before,
or try a new skill. It is very important that you are actively engaged in
growing this month. It will be important for you to be physically active, and
for you to engage in sports or any form of activity that suits you.

Make sure that every day you are physically moving your body, stretching
and strengthening your muscles, and physically engaged in the world around
you. Roll up your sleeves, pick things up, help your neighbor move, or
volunteer to help your local garden. Do anything that keeps you physically
active and engaged physically with the world around you. This will keep
you grounded in your physical body, and grounded in your community

Physical activity will help you stay strong for the force of the energy coming
through. It will also help you channel the Love, especially if you will
physically engage in loving activities. For example, do not simply smile and
wave at a friend, but run across the room and hug them. Do not simply
donate money to your local non-profit, but go roll up your sleeves and help
them move boxes. Do whatever is possible for you in your circumstance.
Act out of Love with a sense of rigor. That will help you this month.

A second thing that is important for you to do is to try to stay somewhat
organized. Many of you will have unusually strong intuition this month.
Many of you will have your gut instinct popping up every few minutes or
every few days. This can be overwhelming. When you are thinking of
someone or when something is on your mind this month, assume there is a
reason. If you have been thinking of someone, write down their name and
remind yourself to call them or to pray for them. Whatever thing you think
you need to offer them, make sure you stay organized enough to remember
to really do it.

It would be useful for you this month to keep an ongoing list of who is on
your mind or what have you heard today about friends and loved ones, and
who might need your help. Keep a list that enables you to take that gut
instinct and turn it into some form of loving action. Use organization to keep
your intuition at hand so you can use it. Do not just let your instincts slide
by as a hunch that gets lost in the course of everyday life.

Is there anything written for the collective experience this month that we need to watch out for or participate in?

The collective experience this month will likely bring some big news. This is
likely because when people are brought to a personal experience of Love or
heartbreak, a tipping point is more likely to be reached for events that have
been building for a long time. When there is a forceful energy, people often
take bigger action or make bigger mistakes than they usually do.

If you see a big collective event unfold, make sure that you look for the
Love. Do not allow yourself to be pulled into the fearful presentation of
mass media. Make sure you look for the Love in every story that you see.
Ask yourself, “Who is helping with this? Who needs more love from me?
How are people showing their love, even in the midst of whatever might
occur on the news?”

Look for that Love, send your Love in whatever way makes sense, and
remember that whatever is happening in the personal or collective world
at this time is trying to force your hearts open. Even through forcefulness,
this is truly meant to help humanity expand into a bigger capacity for Love.
Given the collective challenges you face -- environmental degradation, social
injustice, and more -- you will need a stronger connection to Love. This is
an uncomfortable but important stretching process. Look for it, embrace it,
and try to engage as much Love as you can no matter what happens in the

Is there anything else the Keepers want to tell us about February 2013?

In addition to the loving energy we have talked about, there is also
something very important this month about the way that you are thinking.

It is very important that you be willing to reframe the way you see things
and the way you think about things. All of you have a habitual way of
viewing the world. These habitual framings take many variations. You may
tend to see the glass half full or half empty, or you may tend to seek a voice
or authority in every situation. You may be a person who tends to see the
needs of others before their own, or vice versa. Every person has their very
own unique perspective on the world and habituated ways of framing every
piece of information that comes to you.

It is fine to have habits, but it will be important this month that you try
to see things outside your usual framework. For example, if you have
recognized you are always the cheerful, glass half full kind of person --
maybe this month explore what the pessimistic side of things would be like.
If you tend to look for the needs of others, try considering your own needs
first. If you always look for the danger in every situation, try noticing all the
ways you are safe. Try to see things in a new way. Try to imagine what it
would be like for another person rather than what it is like for you. Anything
you can do to stretch your mind and practice seeing a new point of view is
going to serve you this month.

New perspectives are important because they strengthen your ability to
perceive more than you could before. Avoiding habitual frameworks helps
you overcome your blind spots. When the Love comes through this month,
it will open your heart and it will change how you think. If you are practicing
thinking differently or seeing things differently, it will be easier for you to
break allow a more loving perspective to establish itself in your daily life.
You do not need to be loving or cheerful all the time. What matters is that
you practice something new. Even if you try to be more pessimistic, it would
be helpful because it changes your habit. Try not to think in the box, try to
think outside the box this month.

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