What energy and experiences can we expect in February 2012?

The energy this month is very fresh, it is very green, and it is
very new. There is a sense of forward motion and a sense of
new beginnings. In many ways, you could say this month is like
the New Year. It has the energy of the springtime. It is very
important this month that you use “beginners mind.” Walk into
every new situation with a fresh perspective, willing to see things
in a way you have never seen before. This also means that you
admit when you do not know things, and that you be open to
learning something new.

Every single one of you has come to a point where you are ready
to make a giant step forward for your personal self and your
personal progress. Collectively, this is the only thing that will
lead you to take a giant step forward as a human race in the
coming years. For this month, focus in on your personal path
and dedicate yourself this month to coming freshly into the
life that you have been living. Dedicate yourself this month to
learning new things and to really allowing yourself to have the
perspective of a child.

Let the world surprise you this month. Step out of your habits
and routines and stop fighting for the things you have been
fighting for. Just try and experiment this month and see what
happens if you drop your weapons. Even if you have been
fighting the good fight and even if you are fighting for something
that is really important and truly beneficial, see what happens if,
for this month, you decide to set the fight down and give it up.
See how your agenda moves forward in unexpected ways. See
how the energy of allowing can lead you farther forward than the
fight would have led you this month. It will be time to pick up
the fight again later and it will be important to push later. But
this month let the energy of springtime pull you forward rather
than pushing yourself.

How can we find the greatest benefit using the energy in this month?

Laughter will serve you very well this month. Be willing to laugh
at yourselves in a way that is kindhearted and fun. When you
make a mistake, do not try to cover it up -- do not try to act
cool. Take a step back and laugh just as a child would in a
very safe environment. Be willing to laugh together about your
common mistakes or misgivings. Be willing to laugh instead
of cry when something goes wrong. Laughter will help you
immensely with lightening the energy that has become so intense
over the last few months. Laughter will connect you to the joyful
part of your spirit that will become more and more your guiding
light. It is very clear this month, that there are many things that
are unresolved. There are many things that are difficult in the
world. The only positive shifts that will occur around those will
come through taking a lighter approach. So use laughter this
month to help you tap into that lightness.

A second thing that is really beneficial and important this month
is to really connect with your friends and loved ones. This is an
important time to connect with your allies and find ways to walk
forward together. This would be a wonderful time to connect
with your enemies and propose a way for you to walk forward
together. Propose a compromise and apologize for your part in
the conflict.

Especially, seek out your friends. Seek out those people who
are on your side and wish the best for you. Explore ways, have
conversations, have meetings, get together, ask questions
and talk about solutions that you can help one another with to
move your lives forward. This is a beautiful time for being in
connection with one another.

Is there anything for us to watch out for or avoid this month?

Yes. As much as we recommend connecting with people, it is
very important that you stay true to your center. We are calling
you to be more light and easygoing and friendly and less focused
-- and all of that is right. But at the same time, do not lose your
center. Do not give yourself over to other people's drama. Do
not get involved in someone else's fight just because you have
set yours down. Instead, stay calm, stay centered, and connect
with Spirit in some way every day.

It is a wonderful time to nourish your bodies, your minds and
your spirits. So be nourishing in the same way in springtime,
you need to nourish the plants that are taking root and protect
them from the wind and the cold. In the same way this month,
you need to protect yourself and these new parts of you that
are growing. This more enlightened way of being is just
barely starting to grow inside of you this month and come to
the surface. So be protective at the same time that you are
open and connected, be protective of your personal time. Be
protective of your tender emotions and be sweet with yourselves.
Make sure that you are nurturing your bodies with healthy
food and healthy exercise. This is a time to come out and
move around and stretch and expand, but do it in a way that is
protective, not a way that is punishing or self-loathing.

Is there anything else the Keepers want to tell us about February 2012?

We are telling you about this lightness because that is the
direction you are meant to be taking. But do not imagine
that you will feel light all month long. January brought a new
challenge and a new set of blockages for most of you. The truth
is, many of you will be feeling somewhat burdened this month.
We are directing you to bring lightness to those burdens. Not
to ignore them, not to deny them, but to bring a lighthearted
attitude to the burdens as long as you carry them.

There is nothing wrong with you if this month you are feeling
somewhat weighed down or heavy. If you are feeling worried
and concerned, you actually have a great deal of company
in whatever struggle you might be facing this month. Bring
lightness to it even though the struggle remains. Be gentle
with yourselves and be kind. This month is relatively simple
and straightforward. You are walking your path and you are
taking each step as well as you can, so bring a light heart to
every moment that you possibly can this month. Love will be the
straightforward and simple answer in almost every situation.

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