What energy and experiences can we expect in February 2010?

This month will seem to go by very quickly for many of you, but it is a very important month. The experience may be something like the experience of being on stage in the spotlight. This month is something you have prepared for, for a very long time. Now that you are here the adrenaline kicks in and everything seems to go by in a blur. The next thing you know it will be over and you cannot believe it all went by so fast. February feel this way for most of you.
Many will feel a sense of being in the spotlight and some of you may feel somewhat vulnerable and exposed. The thing that is really happening is that pieces of information about you, your lives, the choices you have made about your relationships, are coming to the surface. The light is finally shining on them and you are going to see some things about yourself or about your surroundings that you have never seen before, or have a perspective that you have never had before. This exposure can lead you to feel somewhat vulnerable. You may feel self-conscious this month, and you may find yourself behaving defensively and losing patience with others.
This month is an opportunity to see who you become when the spotlight is on you. It is an opportunity to explore how you deal with feelings of stress and vulnerability. Do your best to be as grateful and generous with yourself as possible. Be patient with the people around you. People are going to feel vulnerable, so they may lash out or become defensive more than usual. It is important to have patience with one another even as you protect yourself. Do not stay close with anyone being abusive or hurtful to you, but do have patience when somebody flies off the handle or loses their patience themselves.
This month will not present new challenges, but it will present new perspectives on old challenges. In preparation for this month, or at the beginning of this month, it can be really useful for you to make a list of what you feel your life issues are. What are the big lessons you have learned in your life? What are the challenges that arise over and over again? What are some of the patterns that you have identified? By patterns, we mean patterns of behavior, habits that you tend to fall into, and storylines that you tell yourself. If you can make a list of what you have identified thus far as being some of your life issues or life lessons, then you can assume that each one of these will arise anew in February.
If you see it coming, you can be more graceful with it. When you make a mistake that you have made before, you can smile to yourself and say, "Oh I knew that was coming. Now what do I have to learn?" Rather than beating yourself up or imagining that somehow you have fallen behind. You have not fallen behind. You are reaching a new iteration and a new layer of truth in regard to the issues and the patterns that you have already been working with in your life. As you can imagine, the more honest you are willing to be with yourself and the more clearly you are willing to look at yourself, the more information you will get about preparing for this month and the more prepared you will be to ride through the challenges this month with grace.
This is not a month for quiet contemplation. It will seem that things will just come one after another. You will not feel you have time for quiet contemplation so do not set up the contemplation that you will have a lot of time to process things. It is okay to just rush through and do your very best as you go. Try to keep your wits about you, try to keep yourself focused, calm and centered. Know that it is okay if you find yourself rushing from one thing to another this month. Things will quiet down later on in the spring or you will become centered in a new way in the spring.

How can we best work with the energy this month?

Something that will serve all of you this month is to keep a priority list; keep an ongoing list of the things that are most important for you. The list can include things that are most important in your life in general and also priorities for everyday. If there are several things that you want to get done on a day, put those on top of your list and make sure those get done before you get distracted by other experiences. Keeping lists of things to do and continually setting up what is the highest priority for you will help you feel grounded and will help you feel on track with yourself this month. It will keep you from making the kind of decisions you regret later.
A second thing that will help this month is to give yourself a free pass for mistakes. Many mistakes will be made this month by you and everyone around you. If you expect mistakes then they simply become learning experiences. If you do not expect mistakes, then you can imagine that there is something wrong when a mistake is made. What you might do for the month of February is give yourself five mistakes a day and you assume every day you are going to make five mistakes. Then as each mistake occurs, you simply mark it off as being expected. When you do make a mistake, avoid thinking to yourself that you have failed; do not invite your inner critic to beat up on you. Instead, when you make a mistake, smile to yourself and say, "Oh good! I can mark one off my list!” Then move on.
An exercise like that can help you unhook your inner critic because many people will have their inner critic loud and strong. Many people will be feeling badly about themselves this month. If you can be generous and gentle with yourself, you will make it far easier to be generous and patient with others.

Are there any power days this month?

February 7 may be a difficult day. It will be a day when your patterns, challenges and lessons will become very apparent. This will be a clarifying day if you have prepared by reflecting on these issues in advance. If you have made a list, you will just learn a lot more about yourself on this day and learn a lot more about what you still need to learn in your life.
If you are not prepared, you are likely to feel like everything falls apart on February 7. You may feel like the whole world comes crashing down on you. Preparation is taking some time in advance to consider what your life issues and lessons are, and to notice what you have learned so far and consider what still feels unresolved; where you still have room to grow.
February 15 has a really strong sense of light. That light can be very beneficial, a sense that everything is clear, supported and filled with energy. If you have not yet gotten on track with yourself -- if you have not yet found a way to be generous, kind and patient with yourself -- then February 15 will lead you to feel like a deer caught in the headlights. You may feel overwhelmed and a little confused on this day.
Ultimately, there is a big batch of clarity available on February 15. If you are on top of things, you can take that clarity and have some further insights. If you are not on top of things or if you have been unwilling to see things for what they truly are, then that clarity is going to be overwhelming.
February 22 through 27 provides a quieting. There is a feeling that there is an energetic blanket beginning to fall over the earth, creating a sense of security and safety and beginning to quell and quiet the storms that were stirred up earlier in the month. This is a great time to embark on a healing process; to start to plan out and put together strategies for you to deal with the issues that have arisen for you. This is a good time to make appointments for healings, schedule personal time or change your habits or routines for the months to come to give you more space to grapple with those issues and patterns that have made themselves known to you in the month of February.

Is there anything else the Keepers want to tell us?

The challenges available this month are all beneficial. All of this is happening because you and the human race as a human family, have committed so deeply to seeing into the darkest corners, to looking at the truth of your deepest shadows so that eventually you can shine the light into them and let them go. Know that while things may feel difficult and even dark for some of you, the only reason you are looking into the darkness now is because you have acquired so much light that you are now able to shine it into darker corners.
Do not let yourself imagine that you are trapped in a cave. Do what you can to bring light to any situation even if it is the smallest flicker. Any way that you can remind yourself that you are loved, anyway that you can reach out a hand of kindness or connection to another human being, anything you can do to comfort yourself this month will help you bring even just a little bit of light into those shadows.
Just as if you were in a cave, the tiniest flicker of light can make the biggest difference if you are in a dark enough place. Have faith. Hold to those things that center you and bring out the best in you; do your best to see what there is to see as you explore the darker space in February. Ultimately this is a journey of light and a journey toward the light. You will not get lost. Have faith and hold onto love.

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