What is the primary energy that we will experience in February, 2007?

You will most likely feel that everything has been flipped upside down! The energy of this month looks a lot like an exciting ride at an amusement park. The energy of the month is designed to flip you upside down and disorient you, and this is supposed to be fun! The energy of February, 2007, can also be seen as a portal that leads you to other worlds. It leads you to realities other than your own. It can feel expansive or it can feel stifling, depending on your point of view. A third way to think of the month of February, 2007, is as a hall of mirrors, and the mirrors are wavy like the ones you find in the funhouse at the amusement park. Everything is meant to look different than it really is this month. This energy exists in order to serve your process of learning to see things more clearly. Just like in the experience of going through the funhouse, you are initially disoriented. Then, when you step outside and reorient yourself, you are able to see your normal life more clearly after having the experience of seeing everything flipped around.

Many of you will have what you might normally call “strange” experiences this month. You might experience time travel, in which hours go by in what seems like the blink of an eye. Or what seems like an eternity will appear as mere minutes on the clock. Some of you will feel as if you are transported to some time last year, as if everything that happened before is occurring again. You will have many chances to revisit experiences with a new perspective in order to see yourselves more clearly.

During this month, things are not as they appear to be. It will be important to understand and anticipate this so that, just as you would at the funhouse or on a ride at an amusement park, you can allow yourself to not take the events of this month too seriously. Challenges you thought you had overcome will appear again, old relationships will resurface, and you might feel inclined to address them as if they are real or permanent. But these things are emerging temporarily in order to help you see yourself more clearly, and just as quickly as they appear, they will disappear again. Do your best to avoid getting attached to any situation. A good mantra for this month is, “This, too, shall pass.” This is equally true for the things that are fun as well as the things that are difficult. This month, you will not be able to hold onto anything. You can use this month as if it were a last opportunity to finally rid yourself of the habit of holding on to things as you continue to accelerate into your personal future.

The month may be disorienting, but just as you suspend your definition of normal when you walk into the funhouse at an amusement park, we invite you to suspend your definition of normal as you walk into this month. Be willing to take each experience as an opportunity to see yourself anew, and be willing to let go of each experience as you move forward into your next experience. The month is meant to be very vibrant. It is meant to be a lot of fun. So relax and enjoy it!

What is the significance of Valentine's Day this year?

Valentine's Day was initiated as an energy before it became a holiday. This energy was meant to help people work with holding love in the heart center. The holiday itself was initiated at a time when people's understanding of love was very different from the way you understand Love as you are moving toward Enlightenment. Because you are all moving forward in Love, the energy of the day itself and the cultural beliefs and expectations that are formulated around the holiday are likely to feel less intense than they have for you in the past. You no longer need a holiday in order to pay attention to your heart centers. This year, you might find that the energy of the holiday feels sharp or limiting. The most expansive way to work with the energy of Valentine's Day this year is to spend a day creating a solemn vow to yourself that you will no longer limit your expressions of Love to a single day, and that you will find an opportunity to open your heart to another human being every day.

The day itself is losing significance as you move toward Enlightenment. This might sound sad, but again the origination of the holiday was as a tool to help humanity move forward. Now that you have moved forward you no longer need this tool. You are free to celebrate the day, but acknowledge the significance of having opened your heart centers so much that it is no longer necessary!

What specific practice will enhance our experience of the month?

In order to utilize the energy of having things flipped upside down, it will serve you to actively promote seeing things differently. One time per day, choose a word that describes something that you would like to work on that day. It might be Trust, or Divine Love, or Peace. Choose a word that you would like to incorporate into your day. Write the word on a piece of paper in clear, block letters. Then stand in front of a mirror and hold the paper up so you see it in the mirror. The word will appear backwards, because that is the effect of the mirror. Take a moment to look at the word as it appears in the mirror, allowing your mind the time to perceive the word as it is spelled backwards. Then turn it upside down so that the letters are also upside down.

By doing this exercise, you are inviting the connections in your mind to realign themselves in order to make sense of something you see. In doing so, this will set an intention for that word that you wish to incorporate during your day to be coded into your subconscious mind and into the connections between the right and left brain, and this will help you suspend your old expectations. It will allow you to subconsciously release outdated definitions of normal, and will expand and encourage you to recognize this word in a new way. After seeing things anew, you will be ready to recognize this quality in everyday situations, even though it is not as you expected it to appear. It will help you allow your mind to see what is before you, even if everything seems to be disoriented or flipped upside down.

Is there anything else you would like to tell us about the month of February, 2007?

We wish to tell you that because everything is disoriented during this month, you may see great shifts in your world dynamics. Human beings as a collective are making huge strides forward. You will see things that no one expected to happen occur. These events are as likely to be very productive and peaceful as they are to be violent or destructive. The primary potential is that things will occur differently than you expected.

This is not to say that occurrences will have an opposite to what you expected. Instead, the process by which events unfold will be different from what you expect. It continues to be useful for each of you to set an intention for Peace, if Peace is what you wish to have. The reorientation occurs when Peace appears in a scenario that you did not anticipate. Continue to set your intentions for Trust, Divine Love, or Peace, but then be willing to see them as they appear in new scenarios or in a storyline that unfolds in an unexpected way. In doing so you will truly embrace the nonlinear magic of the higher dimensions! Your power to manifest what you wish in your life is directly related to your ability to set a clear intention and then completely let go of that intention and suspend your old definitions of normal, suspend your old expectations. This is the potential that February, 2007, has to offer for you. And just as you would when you step onto a ride at an amusement park, relax and enjoy the ride!

This Monthly Message was channeled from the Akashic Records by Jen Eramith, MA. Permission is given to copy and share this article provided that the contents remain complete, all credit is given to the author, and it is freely distributed.

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