What energy and experiences can we expect in December 2015?

The energy this month is incredibly soft. There is a sense of comfort in this, like landing in a pile of pillows. But there is also a sense that you cannot grab onto anything, and that nothing feels solid or secure. The month can be very nurturing and loving. It is a good time for healing yourself and it is a very good time to offer healing to others through apologies or forgiveness. If you can hold Grace for yourself and others this month, it will take you so far toward all your goals. In fact, nothing but Grace will work this month.

There is incredible softness and forgiveness being held for all of you this month. Healing will come from this energy, and some of the healing will come up because of how you struggle to feel secure. Deep insecurities are likely rise to the surface because the energy is difficult to grasp. You may find it difficult to make promises or confirm plans.

You may find it difficult to get the reassurance from other people that you are used to receiving. People may be less aware of your needs than they usually are, or less willing to take care of your needs than usual. When this happens, you may feel wounded and it will always lead you to deeper wounds. Try not to take initial hurts, or the situation at hand, too seriously. Instead, ask yourself "What hurts now and what does this remind me of from my past? What is the deeper place in me that needs to be healed?" Rather than focusing too much on the situation at hand, explore the pattern within you that is arising.

Are there particular activities that will help us use the energy best this month?

Any activity that fosters transparency will be useful this month. Engage conversation that opens the way for you to say more clearly where you are coming from and what you really mean. Listen with mindfulness to what others are saying. Try to ask open-ended questions and then sit quietly and listen. Learn as you listen. That will be a really important key to getting to the deeper parts of yourself this month.

If you spend time explaining yourself or defending yourself, or if you spend time blaming others or trying to coax others into taking care of you or understanding you, you will miss the point and you will stay on the surface. The softness of the energy this month is like falling into a pile of pillows. When you fall into a pile of pillows, you must relax, and you must avoid fighting or grabbing onto anything. When you relax all of your muscles, close your eyes and fall, then a beautiful, blissful embrace can occur.

It is time to let go of the things you expect from other people. It is time to notice what you rely on other people for and see if you can take a higher level of care for yourself so that you do not need to rely so much on others. It is not to say that you are not interdependent. Of course human beings are interdependent. You always have been and you always will be. Yet most of you have some of your emotional needs tangled up in your relationships, expecting others to fulfill what you need. This is a time for you to acknowledge the parts where you do not fully take care of your own emotional needs and try to release others from taking care of you. That is the healing and wisdom available this month.

Is there anything in the collective that we should be aware of that will happen in December 2015?

The energy of the month applies to each of you individually and therefore to all of you collectively. In politics and world events, you are likely to see a distinction between those who are walking in Grace -- who are listening and trying to engage a deeper conversation -- that will be very different from those who are struggling to defend themselves or make themselves heard.

It can be difficult to identify this distinction with politics because the nature of the game that is politics does not encourage much deep conversation. Yet if you look carefully this month, you will see a stark difference in the people who are speaking on your television screen or in your newspapers. Look for those who are trying to engage a deeper conversation, even if they may be doing it through political language. You will be able to see those who are holding a sense of Grace or who seem to operate from a place of understanding that humans are human, that everyone needs a place in the world.

What you are likely to see in December is that the loudest voices will be the voices that are defending themselves, criticizing others, or trying to squeeze others out of the conversation. Do not despair. Just as we suggested with your personal lives, as you look at and listen to the collective conversations around you, release what you see on the surface. Do not worry too much about what is happening right now with those characters. Instead look for deeper themes and lessons. Look for deeper issues that will unfold in months to come. That will be the best way for you to engage in collective experiences in December.

Is there anything else the Keepers want to say about December 2015?

This month holds the energy of 2016. Energetically, it is really not a part of 2015 at all. By December 1st you have fully moved into the energy of 2016, which we have named the Year of Caring. It is a year when compassion will become the only thing that matters. While this sounds lovely, and it is lovely, it can be challenging. Compassion requires you to have an incredibly open heart and having an open heart typically comes from having a broken heart. You have to have your heart broken open time and time again for it to become bigger each time, as if it were a butterfly going through many cycles of metamorphosis.

In December, try your best to acknowledge your broken heart. Be tender with the parts of you that are hurting. Do not run away from them, do not fight for them, and do not hide them from other people. Simply be tender with yourself the same way you would with a wounded bird or a sad child. Try to be tender and sit with yourself rather than distracting yourself from the parts of you that hurt the most. If you will do that, you will give yourself the chance to expand your heart into a softer, deeper, and stronger position for years to come.