What energy and experiences can we expect in December 2013?

The energy this month is wide open. There is a sense that anything is possible. There is a sense that boundaries will be unclear and that doors will be unlocked. What you have experienced in the past few months is building momentum during which many new adventures are beginning. Shifts are happening that move your process forward, both at a personal level and a collective level. In December, that forward motion has created new openings. You will find that many of the doors that were previously closed to you will become open.

You will also find that doors you did not intend to open will open, so that you will need to be more careful than ever before this month about what intentions you set. Make sure that you are very careful with your words, thoughts, and actions. Do not say things that you will regret later. Consider the idea that you should be careful what you wish for. Make sure you do not harbor resentment or negative thoughts, because everything you open verbally or through your thought process will manifest in one way or another. Every door that you know on will open, so you will need to be very intentional about what doors you know on. Be very careful what you ask for. That is the energy of the month.

This can be very exciting. There really is a feeling of great possibilities. For many of you, this will come again as further relief as things begin to move forward. But, if you are not careful and intentional and conscientious this month, what you will find is chaos; chaos will happen. All of those unintended consequences and unintended manifestations will make your life feel like it is really out of control.

It is important this month that you slow down, take things slowly, be intentional and really engage in a spiritual practice that keeps you grounded. Stay focused on what is most important to you and keep your energy calm so that you do not accidentally create chaos in your life by opening doors without intention.

Are there any particular activities we can use to harness the energy of this month?

In addition to a spiritual practice that helps you slow down, we will give two other activities for this month. One thing that will be very important this month is that you are physically grounded. Make sure to spend time connecting with your body at a physical level. Rub your feet, rub your hands, or rub your scalp as part of your daily meditation. Eat food very slowly and taste each morsel. Take a very slow walk where you feel each part of your foot connect with the earth in a meditative way. These kinds of activities will help you be grounded and focused. They will help you slow down, but they will also help you create more intention in your body. This can turn into an ability to create more healing in your body.

This month, wherever you put your attention will begin to change and grow. If you are rushing through things physically, you are likely to stumble, make mistakes, or incur small injuries. Whereas if you are slow and intentional and you really think about what you are feeling and what your highest wish is for your body, you can actually invite and create physical healing into your life. There is something very important here about your physical, sensual experience that will ground you this month and help everything else move forward intentionally. Even though the weather may be cold if you are in the northern hemisphere and you may be wearing a lot of clothing, take time when you can to savor extra time in bed or extra time in the shower. Take off your shoes at the end of the day and rub your feet. Do things to really help you feel your body underneath all of those layers of clothing.

The second thing that will help you this month is to use the very simple practice of taking one deep breath before you begin to speak. When it is your turn to speak in any conversation, let there be an intentional pause before your words come forth. That one breath will create a slow, more intentional message. This month your words are like magic; they are like a magical spell that casts a cloak over reality. When you speak your words, they will shape your reality more vividly than ever before. Slow down and make sure you are casting that spell with clear and loving intention.

Is there anything we need to avoid this month?

In addition to what we have mentioned, it would also be beneficial for many of you to avoid having too many new experiences. It will serve you to fall on your daily routines in order to help ground you and help you to be more intentional and slow. This is not the month to drive a new route to work or try a new schedule. This is a good time for you to really fall into a routine that is like a steady heartbeat or rhythm that leads you forward through the month.

The more grounded, centered, calm and relaxed you can be, the more you will harness this very magical opening of December. If, on the other hand, you are scattered by trying a new routine then you may create those unintentional experiences that lead to chaos this month.

Is there anything else for us to know about December 2013?

There is a strong sense of magic this month. There really is a sense that anything is possible. It is such a liberating, creative, exciting energy this month. The best way to harness this magic is to slow down and be grounded. It will not serve you this month to strive for the magic. It will not serve you to try to shake things up or force yourself to have a magical connection. Instead, be very calm, centered and easygoing, and then the magic will simply arise naturally. Magical experiences will arise in an effervescent way in your life if you put your intention on being grounded, centered and intentional. With love in your heart and eyes wide open, invite what you wish for into your life and slowly peel away your unintended thoughts and wishes.

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