What energy and experiences can we expect in December 2010?

There is a major infusion of light on the planet this month. This month, there is a sense that everything opens up. That can be a beautiful thing and it can also be a very, very challenging thing. This month, whatever choices you have made recently, whatever directions you have taken in your life, this is the month where now they start to expand for better or for worse. If you have been focusing a lot on what you do not like or spending a lot of time with people that you do not feel good around, it will get bigger this month. You are going to feel even more surrounded by things you do not like, even more lost in the things you do not want. On the other hand, if you have been choosing to focus on the things you Love, you have been choosing to move toward Love and find Love in every situation, then Love is what will get bigger this month for you.

Whatever it is, whatever direction you have taken between Love and fear, it is going to now be amplified. If you are not sure you have been choosing Love or if you can see that you have been focusing on your fear, right away this month, as soon as you can, change directions. This is the last second you can do this. For the next cycle of amplification and growth, your direction, either Love or fear, has been established at this point. You can try to make a last minute decision, but mostly what you are working with up to this point is how you have been choosing your life and your reality over the last few months. If you have been looking for empowerment, if you have been looking for joy, even if you do not find it, if you have been turning your attention toward joy and Love,that will get better. The joy and Love will amplify themselves this month. This huge infusion of light is like everything becomes possible suddenly. That field of possibility will be a direct reflection of the choices you have made in the last three or four months.

A second thing that is going to happen this month is that there is a huge infusion of angels to Planet Earth. In December 2010, it is as if the angelic army is coming for 2012. They come in stages and the next installment of angels is entering the planet in December of 2010. Those of you who are sensitive to energy, to light, or to angels or other beings -- you are going to feel it this month. You are going to really have a sense that there is more going on just under the surface than ever before. You are going to have a sense that you are not alone, you are deeply supported by the higher dimensions. Some of you will see angels out of the corner of your eye, some of you will get messages from the most unexpected places. Be aware that there are more angels on the planet this month than there ever have been before. Many of those angels are reflections of you, of those of you who are human angels. This means that this month is an important time to do a few things. One is to choose to act as a human angel. Regardless of what your spiritual lineage may be, choose to act as an angel on this planet. Every one of you can assume that if you are here, then you are here to help, you are here to bring more Love. Help and Love are the things that angels bring. Go ahead and act as if you were an angel. Look for ways to bless the people around you, look for ways to make things easier for them. This is a perfect time for random acts of kindness to be executed by you every minute of every day. Look for something kind to do for someone around you all day long. If you are occupied doing this, you will be right on track in December 2010.

What can we do to work with this energy? What more can we do to work with what is happening this month?

Some of you are going to feel lost this month. The expansion is going to look like a big open book and it might be hard to figure out where to start. We will say that for those of you who are feeling unfocused or lost at all this month, let go of the big picture. Let go of the big questions about what your job should be or where you should live. Let go of those big things and focus in on what is happening right in front of you. Specifically focus on the people around you. Who is in the room with you, who is on the phone with you, who is in your mind or in your heart right now? Whoever that is, then ask yourself, what can I do to help them? What can I do to share Love with them? Maybe it is a smile, maybe it is washing their car, maybe it is giving them a huge hug. There are so many different things you can do. Some of them will be acts of kindness like making dinner for someone or helping them with the computer, but many more of them will be intangible. Smiles, even just feeling Love toward the person in silence will make a difference for that person. Anything you can do to engage with people around you in a way that is kind and loving will be the perfect place to start. If you are starting there, what will happen is the possibilities will then unfold in a way that you can work with. You will no longer be in a big open field of light where anything is possible and you do not know what to do. Instead, you will find yourself encountering the next step. The next step will just come to you. If you dive in and look for a way to be kind and loving in this moment, the next moment will bring you your next step. The next thing you will know, the bigger questions will start to be answered for you in your life. That is one place to start if you are feeling lost this month.

Another thing to know about working with the energy this month is that because there are so many angels here, many of you are having reunions with long lost universal Loved ones. Many of those reunions will take place in your sleep. They will take place in the higher dimensions when your conscious minds cannot really comprehend it, so some of you may be sleeping a lot this month and that will be very beneficial. There is really a sense of open, white light this month. Like this clear, light blue color. As you fall asleep, imagine that color, imagine that you are going into a field of light. What you may find is that then you retain your dreams when you wake up you will remember those angels a little bit better if you are conscious of where you are going as you fall asleep.

Is there anything else the Keepers want to tell us about this month?

Yes, they want to tell you that December 10 is an important day. It is a day of extreme light and extreme potential and it operates as a doorway or a portal. Pay attention on December 10 to what comes to mind, pay attention to any information you get about the people around you, about your work, about anything. Any information that comes your way on December 10, pay attention -- assume that it is meaningful. Some of you will have a turning point this day, but all of you will have something important occur. It is a doorway. It can be a doorway forward into Love and forward into your life path if you are paying attention and you operate with integrity. Walk your talk on this day, more than ever before.

The Keepers also want to say that it is so vitally important for you to reexamine your fears. This is true for the entire year coming up. So much has been told to you, so much has been taught about the fearfulness of this time on Earth -- the apocalyptic sort of approach to the changes occurring on Planet Earth. It is true that dire things are happening, humanity is in a dire condition right now. Your physical wellbeing and even your physical survival are at stake. While things are dire, it is so important that you also recognize that you have resources available now that were never conceived of in all of your prophecies. There are resources available in humanity and for humanity that no one ever thought possible. One of those resources is the angels and the other beings that are here to support you. Another one of those resources is the fact that you recognize your connections with each other, that you are part of a global community and you understand that. Knowing this means that you are no longer in the dark. So much of what was kind of foreseen as being fearful about this time on Planet Earth, was based on the idea that none of you would really know what was going on. All of these changes would just be happening to you. Instead, because you are moving through Enlightenment, so many of you are aware of what is happening. That does not mean it gets easy, but it means it becomes possible to move through this with your eyes wide open. With the lights turned on and with the potential to heal everything for humanity, that potential does still exist.

The key to all of this is your awareness; it is your willingness to see what is happening, to acknowledge it with truthfulness and then to operate within the grander trajectory or the grander path of humanity to operate within it with integrity. Continually asking, "Is this right for me?" "How will my actions affect the world and how can I adjust my actions to have the effect that I believe is right for the world?" Continually look for ways to be kind, continually look for ways to engage with the world that support the happiness of the people in the world. If you are doing that, you will not do it perfectly, but you will do it enough. If enough of you do it, then humanity really can have a bright future. This month, the best thing you can do is to turn your attention to the task at hand. It is what is shifting between last month and this month and now forward into the next year is that now it is time to get down to business, now it is time to just start getting things done. You have already made your decision. You are either moving through Enlightenment or you are not. You have either chose fear or Love. Get over it. Let go of the choice. You have made the choice. If you are reading this, if you are listening to this, you have probably chosen Love and it is not going perfectly but you are headed in the right direction. Stop worrying so much about getting it right -- stop worrying so much about whether you are alone in this or not. Just decide what you can do to make things better and start doing it. Start building the foundation for your life that is in integrity with what you truly value. If you will do that, if you will begin that this month, if you will turn to the task at hand, you will find that you have become so much more productive, that the whole position of your life becomes more clear to you; that your calling will emerge. There is so much promise for the year ahead for all of you. It really depends on coming into the present moment. We invite you to the present moment. It is where the angels are.

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