What energies and experiences can we expect during the month of December 2008?

Clarity. December 2008 is like a big white light. For those of you who practice meditation, December 2008 is like the clarity that comes after sitting in silence for a long period of time. When you still your mind for a long enough time, even by accident when you daydream, you come to a moment of stillness. It happens occasionally for everyone. The energy of December 2008 is like that stillness; it is the pause between breaths, and it can provide the flash insight that occurs after surrender, after you give up the fight for whatever it is you may have been fighting for. December 2008 contains this energy.

That is not to say you are going to feel that kind of blissful clarity the entire month. This energy that is set for the month is what is available for you to access more often than you would at other times. December 2008 can be used like a blank slate -- a time to reset the intentions, the motivations, and the patterns in your life. December 2008 is a time to disregard the things that have stood in your way before. You have done so much work to understand them, heal them and release them, that now in December 2008 you can simply disregard them. It is time to stop looking at the obstacles in your way, you can eliminate them at this point, but you must choose to stop the fight against them, for as long as you fight against them, they must exist. Consider this month that you can just cease engaging with them and explore what that might look like in your personal lives.

December 2008 is a time to recommit to your spiritual practices, be they part of a religion or something you have discovered in another way. Your spiritual practices have a window for success, peace, and joy during December 2008 that they normally do not. As much as possible, create space and time for solitude in your life during the month of December. A great deal of clarity will unfold if you will do so.

What are the best ways we can use or work with this energy?

Solitude will be beneficial. Also, imagine throughout the month of December 2008 that you carry a white flag. A white flag represents surrender; when someone waves a white flag they are telling their opposition that they given up the fight and that they will not cause harm. In December, one of the most useful things you can do is to carry in your heart a white flag and be willing to pull it out and wave it, metaphorically speaking, any time something is amiss. Any time something is not working for you in December, let your first response be to wave the white flag so to speak. Let your first response be to let go of what you might be fighting for, to set aside any resentments, to release any need you have to be on top or to be correct or to be seen or to be forgiven. Any of those interpersonal needs, set them aside, wave the white flag and let the people in your life know that you support them; you accept them as they are. Set aside your opinions and your judgments of yourself and others during the month of December. Let it be a time of peace. That is the most beneficial you can do for yourselves during the month of December 2008 because the energy is preset to be peaceful. You actually have to fight hard to have anything other than peace. So if you are experiencing something other than peace assume that is because you are fighting too hard and just set it down, set it aside.

Are there any power days or important days for us to know about in December 2008?

Yes there are. December 3 and 4 are like a star twinkling. Look for flashes of insight on these days; look for a sense of being able to stand above everything and look around with a broader perspective. Choose to see things from the perspective of your higher self on December 3 and 4. There is like a twinkly, sparkly star energy on these days.

During December 12 through 15 there is work to be done. During this time you may find some of your inner demons coming up. The patterns, belief systems, and struggles that you have carried with you will be evident during this window of time. They will be evident so that you can apply this energy in December to them. Imagine that you carry with you a little box of unresolved issues that continually trip you up and get in your way. It is a gift to yourself to open that box in the midst of the white light that is flooding the planet during December, for then all of those issues are exposed to the light and they are more easily resolved -- they become more enlightened. Do not be afraid to acknowledge your flaws, your downfalls, your mistakes, and your doubts. Let yourself see these things on December 12 through15, because if you let yourself see them, you will find that they are not so difficult after all. You will find more forgiveness and a stronger sense of harmony and peace to apply to them than you normally do. This is a perfect time to acknowledge and make amends for your mistakes.

December 23 is a day to engage your power; it is a day when your sense of your power and your truth is heightened, so it will be important on December 23 to be willing to celebrate the truth and the perspective of other people. Be willing to see that your truth can coexist with the truth of another person. You do not need to decide that one is right or the other is wrong. Allow yourself to be celebrated and celebrate those around you on December 23.

December 29 you will find an initiation of the month of January -- an entirely new energy that comes in during the month of January. On December 29, pay close attention to the thoughts, ideas, and feelings that arise for you. Take note of them. The things you think and the things you feel and the situations you find yourselves in on December 29 will tell you a lot about where you are going and what issues are arising in the new cycle that begins after the white light of December. A new cycle is initiated, a new cycle of growth that will continue throughout the coming months. December 29 will give you a preview of what that will look like for you on a personal level. Pay attention, take note and refer back to those notes as the future months unfold.

Is there any final thing the Keepers have to say about the month of December 2008?

Let it be simple, let it be easy, just let it be. This is a time not to miss the opportunity to infuse yourselves with the white light of the divine during this month. It is a golden opportunity. Do not miss it; do not distract yourself from it by fighting or holding onto resentments or arguing or getting stuck on your expectations. Dis-attach yourself from your ego, let yourself relax and enjoy the world around you rather than trying to fix it or change it. This is the best way to work with December. In December, it is vitally important that you really take that advice to heart. Do not miss this beautiful opportunity to stand in your most gracious self. You have earned it, but you still must choose to do it!

If the month of December will be like a bright white light of clarity, how can we access this as we go through the whole month?

Sometimes there is a download of energy available for humanity when a window opens to the higher dimensions and you automatically download the energy. In this case, everyone processes energy and it downloads into you. The thing that happens in this white light energy of December is more like a field that you have all moved into. What you do with the field is up to you. That being said, it is not going to be possible for people to completely disregard the white light energy. It is infusing everything so that there is a sense of peace being more available, a sense of clarity, love and simplicity being more available than usual so that is inevitably going to affect everyone. You are not exactly receiving a download unless you ask for it, look for it, or work on getting it. You will not have to work hard. It is totally available. You are surrounded in this field of light.

If you want to use the light in particular ways or you want to be sure to take advantage of that light this month, then it will require you to take action. The best way you can take advantage of this white light energy is to build peacefulness in your everyday life this month. Give yourself more time for solitude and for ease this month than you normally do. It is in moments of simplicity that you will be infused. When you take a walk or sit back and look at the beautiful meal you have prepared, or stop what you are doing and sit down for a few moments with a loved one, it is in these moments that you stop and simplify that you will find yourself working the most efficiently with the white light energy that is available this month.

Is there any particular way that we will know that we have accessed the white light energy? Will there be any sort of physical, emotional or energetic sensations to know that we have plugged into the field? Once we have plugged into the field, how will that affect us as individuals?

Yes, there are. It is not so much that you are plugging into the field, you are in the field. You are not separate from it; it is infusing everything. Imagine what it looks like when you are walking through the fog - everything around you is white. You cannot plug into it or separate yourself from it so it is inevitable that you will be a part of it. You can do different things with the fog. You can allow it to give you a sense of quiet and peace or you can allow it to give you a sense of fear. It is not so much that you need to plug in, it is just that if you want to use it in particular ways, you need to decide what those ways are and actually use it for those things.

The way that you will know that you are accessing it and using it is to imagine that you are a camera. Imagine that you are a camera and that someone comes along and adjusts you and puts your lens into focus. Imagine what the camera feels like when the picture comes into focus. It is like a feeling of alignment that is so whole, so clear and so right, that you physically feel it in your body. It doesn’t matter what you see through the picture, as long as you have that sense of ease and clarity that comes when you are in alignment. All of you have had this feeling before in particular points in your lives. There are just certain moments when you suddenly know exactly what you need to do when hesitation is gone, when doubt is gone, when you just suddenly know something – that is the sense of ease that comes with clarity. That is the kind of experience that you are capable of having over and over again this month if you will give yourself the time.

It is really just a matter of letting time envelope you rather than propel you forward. Let it envelope you, let yourself sit back and rest in the arms of time. Let there be moments when you are not tracking anything at all and see what comes. More than anything, you will feel a sense of peace as if someone turned the volume down in the world for you for just a few moments. Every time you do that you can know that you are working directly with that white light energy. Please be assured that even if you cannot find a quiet moment or you do not feel like you are doing this quite well, know that the fact that the energy is here for everyone means that everyone in a way is adjusting to it so that there is more peace in the world. Even if you feel like you are not doing your best at it, know that peace is still increasing. This is just simply a time when more peace is available for everyone on the planet.

Is the peace we feel a bridge to something else? Is this energy that we feel in December another step on the bridge of where we are all going?

Yes, absolutely it is. Really the best way you can think of this is this is like the pause between steps. This is a time to regroup but it is necessary that you do this in order to move forward with integrity. Something you will find happening in terms of your progress as a human race is you are going to find during this month that a lot of people change their minds, particularly about long held belief systems or rigid paradigms that people have been attached to or trapped by. You are going to find that a lot of people are changing their minds this month. As a human race, you have changed radically in the last six months and that change has been very evident in the last two or three months as your economy has unraveled across the world -- everyone is readjusting. There is no question in anyone’s mind that change is afoot. The benefit, or the way that December helps move you all forward, is it gives you that vitally important pause between breaths. It is the same function that is served by the instant between heartbeats. The human heart takes a brief pause between every beat and the collective amount of time that those pauses entail is enough to keep your heart rested enough to keep going. If your heart did not pause between beats, you would not accumulate that rest and your heart would give out much earlier in your life than it does. December is like that pause between beats. This pause between steps, this moment between breaths that December offers you, it will enable you to move forward, it will enable you to stay in integrity and deal with the challenges coming next year.

The way that it moves you forward is by letting you take a moment when you are not moving forward. That is why it is so vitally important that you really move toward peacefulness this month rather than – we are not giving you the direction to move toward integrity, move toward any goals, and move toward rising to any challenges or even to try to take accountability which is kind of always the direction that we give. The only thing you really need to do this month is move toward peace; step into peace. It is going to enrich you. It is in that peacefulness that you will find that people start to think a little more broadly. They begin to change their minds. Many, many people have healed some of their most rigid paradigms. It is only in December that they will notice that they are no longer attached to those any more. Watch for people to change their minds and forgive one another. Resist the urge to say, “I told you so” this month, instead, just celebrate when you see that someone changes their mind toward the light in whatever way that appears.

What is likely to occur with the global and US economy during December 2008?

It will continue to unravel. You will find a little bit of a sense of stability. One of the paradigm shifts that are necessary as you go through the unraveling of your economy is to begin to operate on a different set of expectations. You are going to see – people talk about the retail season during the holidays – particularly in the US but also in other parts of the world, particularly in Europe, as a time when expectations are high and companies count on higher profits based on the retail season. There is an adjustment being made where you are learning to base your expectations based upon what is rather than what has been before. Those companies who have adjusted their expectations will find themselves thriving and those companies who are still trying to hold onto expectations from previous years, who are going to compare their bottom line this month with the bottom line from last year are going to continue to struggle and falter. You will see some adjustment in the ways that you expect the economy to look during this season. You will see more doom and gloom messages than are warranted. The economy itself has already adjusted itself far more than you realize so you all are adjusting your expectations. You are going to hear some heavy handed messages in the news about the failure of the retail system and the doom of the economy and stuff like that but it looks like actually nothing really changes that much. The process of the global economy is you are unweaving it so that you can weave it together in a stronger more holistic sense. That unweaving is continuing. It is not necessarily worse in December than it was in November or will be in January. It is just another step in the process.

Avoid getting swept up in the fearful messages in the media, avoid attaching your feelings to what you choose to spend or not spend your money on this month. Continue to move forward with what feels right for you rather than on the expectations of others. That is the best way to deal with the economy as it continues to unravel. Remember it is not unraveling in a cataclysmic way; it feels cataclysmic for many people but it is actually happening slowly enough that all of you have time to adjust. I have already given information about that in previous channelings. That is the way you can expect to see the economy operate during the month of December.

I noticed in the previous channeling for December that it says we can take out those flaws and heavier energies that we see of ourselves and apply the light to them and will find that there is more forgiveness, harmony, and peace. Is it all right for us to also do that for others – to direct the light for them?

Yes it is all right to do that for others provided that is all you do. In other words, it can be easy for people to do two things at once when they are trying to direct the light or help heal and release others. Offerng light is a perfect thing to do. Often people then also attach expectations to that person taking the light and using it or that person making particular changes. It is vitally important that if you feel interested in directing light toward others to first, every time you do it, consider that they have a higher self who knows exactly what they need and who will resist light when they do not need the light or when they need to experience a little more density. Give yourself a mantra or intention to trust their higher self; to do with the light what it most needs and what they most need. Once you do that, go ahead and send all the light you want to. Send all the forgiveness, hope and love that you want, knowing that you have no control and it does not make sense to get attached to any outcomes based on your sending of the light. It is possible that all that light will bounce back on you and that is fine. Or, it is possible that all that light will get absorbed and that is fine too.

As long as you can release any of your own patterns, this is a message for people in general, because this is such a generalized thing that people do, any of your own patterns of hopes that you may be the hero or hopes that they might become nicer to you, any of your own expectations, if you can release those and really turn the steering wheel over to the higher self, then you are free to direct light in any way that you want to. If you are directing light that is attached to an expectation, really then all you are doing is you are trying to manipulate energy and engaging it in the same pattern or same negotiation that you are engaging with that person on the surface. If you have been trying to talk this person into healing for two years and they have never listened to you, so you just try to direct the light at them instead, it will bounce off in the same way. If you do not release your own expectations and your own investment, then all you are doing is playing the same game in energy that you have been doing in person. That is the single guideline, but as long as you can release your expectations send all the light you want. It is a beautiful thing to do.

Is there any more information that they want to share about power days or beneficial days? Have the power days changed or have any been added?

The days are the same. There is a little more to add about December 23. This is kind of a potent day when you can rise to the occasion in a sense. The thing that is evident now that we are a little closer to that day is just how much the power of laughter can benefit you on that day. Rise to the challenge; rise up to what is right. Step into your power that day in whatever way it looks. Be sure to include a sense of humor. That is going to make it far more powerful for you and everyone else.

There is some additional information about December 29, 30 and 31. These days really are the initiation of January. While the month of December is all about peace and stepping back and letting things be, beginning on the 28 or 29 that will no longer be the guideline. Beginning on the 28 or 29 it is time to step up and start moving. It is time to step up and start paying attention to what is working and what is not working in your life. It is time to buckle your seatbelts so to speak. Be aware that when you come to the 29 that you will be feeling a different energy. It is a much more bumpy, active energy and that is fine. Know that this is just the beginning of you launching yourself into a lot more fun, powerful, interesting life stuff in the coming year. Do not panic when you feel the energy shift on the 29; it is meant to be, it is part of January. All is well.

Is there any final message about December?

If you engage in one activity this month, let it be greeting people with the biggest heart, the biggest bear hug and the most celebratory message. Greet everyone with an open expression of joy at seeing them. If you could just spend the month opening the door and greeting people with a big smile and a big hug over and over again, you would be accomplishing the energy of this month perfectly. We have already given you the guideline about silence and solitude, all of that is true, but that peace and that resonance of peace, the way to really instill it in yourselves, in your lives and in your hearts, is to share it and exchange it with as much love as possible. Let yourselves, regardless of what holidays you celebrate, there are so many holidays people celebrate in December, but let the season of it, let that message of peace really ring true. It is not always true that December’s energy really coincides with that message of peace. This year it really does. Take advantage of every opportunity you can find to greet each other with love and express just pure and utter joy for being with one another. Let your love for each other resonate and set that peace in stone inside of yourself so you can carry it with you into the next year.

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