What energy and experiences can we expect in August 2013?

This month brings a sense of quiet and of emptiness. This emptiness exists for a reason. It is not defined by a lack of something, but instead it is filled with a strong sense of energy and connection. This month has a deeply spiritual undercurrent. This is arising in part based on the growth that has happened in the human race since 2012. It is arising out of all the personal work that so many of you have been doing to become more loving, more forgiving, and more enlightened. It is in response to that; it is something that you have opened together as a human family.

This energy is also coming to help prepare you for more growth. It is coming to help you prepare to meet the challenges ahead. In the coming years, the human race will be facing some of the greatest challenges in history in terms of questions about your physical survival based on environmental issues, violence, and globalization. As you face these challenges, you as a human family will need to have a deep spiritual grounding in the energy of Love. You will need to live daily in a deep sense of compassion and interconnectedness. Many of you have been working toward this on a personal level for a very long time. This month, August 2013, is like a quiet moment before the next round of work begins.

It will be important for you, each of you in your own way, to try to harness the energy of spiritual connection this month. This is an important time to reflect on your life. It is an important time to look for teachings that inspire you to seek opportunities, to heal your deeper emotions, and to open your heart to yourself and others. Every spiritual ideal that is based in Love is available for you more deeply this month. Forgiveness, patience, wisdom, compassion, and more are rising to the surface this month in unison in order to support you and help you grow.

This month can be a time of great healing and growth for many of you on a personal level. It can also be a very challenging time, because if you are resisting some part of yourself -- if there is a part of you that is hurt and you are not willing to heal it yet, or you are not willing to look at some deeper issue inside of yourselves -- then you are going to find yourself really struggling this month. There is incredible Grace coming. It is as if God is reaching out to bless you and you have a choice to surrender and allow the blessing, or to resist it and try to hide and therefore be exhausted by the end of the month.

This month, look for the gift in every challenge. Look for the blessing in every problem that arises. Look for what you have to learn. Look for the grace in every situation. There has never been a better time to consider the idea that everything is sacred. Every single thing that happens in your life happens for a reason and it is there to bless you. It is there to bring you to something better than you have had before. This is always true, and this is the guiding principle for the month of August 2013.

Are there certain activities we can engage in to help us better use the energy this month?

Yes. Spiritual and religious practices will serve you very well this month. It does not matter what practices, and it does not matter what religion. What matters is that you choose the practices that most cause you to feel Love, understanding, and empathy for the people around you. Choose practices that expand your sense of Love and gentleness. Do not engage too much in philosophy or mental exercises, and do not try to impress or perform for others. Avoid doing things to please other people or to impress other people.

Instead, go for those quiet inner practices -- the meditations, the prayers, the sweet tender moments of forgiveness and patience that occur in private. It is good to reach out to other people, but do it from a place of a true, loving heart rather than from a place of doing the right thing according to your religious beliefs. If you will choose those kinds of practices this month, they will form a steady foundation for you to access the deeper and incredibly powerful energy of this month. In this way, spiritual and religious practices will serve you very well.

Another thing that will serve you this month is to plan ahead for how you might use your words to heal a situation or to heal someone's heart. First, recognize that you alone are not responsible for healing any other person; so do not take on the responsibility in the sense that you obligated to heal others. Instead, imagine that at the beginning of each day you are creating a gift bag, like Santa Claus filling his big red bag full of gifts for children. Imagine at the beginning of each day you sit down to fill an energetic, intentional gift bag. This gift bag is filled with statements that you plan to use throughout the day in order to bring Grace and Love to every situation.

Some of these statements might be generalized statements -- things you could apply to anything such as reassuring words like, "I am sure it is all going to be okay.” You can also plan a generalized practice of always trying to find something good in every person you see and tell him or her that good thing. Statements such as "You look beautiful in that shirt" or "I love the way you are so kind to others". Those sorts of compliments that are truly heartfelt convey a sense of Love that reaches deeper than the initial compliment. You can use generalized statements that you plan ahead for each day.

Additionally, you can also think ahead to your specific plans for the day. Who will you see? Who will you meet? Who might you cross paths with? Take time at the beginning of the day to sit and think about that person for a few moments. Think about what they may struggle with in their life. Think about what they may be facing today that might be hard for them. Think more specifically about something you could say to them today that might just make their world a little better. Think of words that will lighten their heart or help them feel better about the struggles they are facing in their life. You might come up with something simple but specifically geared for the person that you will be meeting. It does not have to be elaborate; it does not have to come with any kind of fanfare. Simple statements that are heartfelt will have a much greater impact than something poetic and philosophical.

The power of words is something that human beings truly have not fully harnessed on an everyday basis. You can work to harness them this month in order to create more grace and more gentleness so that everyone around you can tap into this spiritual energy. Words can convey kindness, a smile, a hug, a willingness to let things go and be forgiving. All of those approaches are going to take you far this month in helping to make the people around you better versions of themselves, and therefore they will treat you better and your life will be better too.

Is there anything we need to avoid this month?

This month it would be useful to avoid large crowds and big events. Some of these will be inevitable, and it is fine. In general, when you can, choose the quieter moments. Choose the simpler interactions. For instance, rather than attend a party with 50 people, invite 2 or 3 dear friends to have a deeper talk. Look for ways to make whatever you are doing more simple. When you invite friends to join you, do not plan for the perfect meal -- go ahead and get takeout or do what is easiest for you. Make things as simple as you can this month. Again, anything you can do to make space for stillness and gentleness will be beneficial. Avoid those experiences and interactions that are the opposite of simple. That is one thing to avoid.

Another thing to avoid is making assumptions. When someone says something, do not assume that you know what she or he means. Do not assume that you know how someone feels. When someone makes a mistake, do not assume that they do not care about you or that they were not paying attention. Do not make assumptions about why people do what they do or what it means when someone does or says something.

So many people are struggling this month. Struggling with deeper issues, struggling to face that quiet place inside themselves and many people will make mistakes this month. There will probably be more unintended words and tactless statements put into the world this month than any month ever before. So many people are just a little bit at odds with themselves right now. It is important for you to not add fuel to the fire by making assumptions and reacting to people when they may have said something they really did not mean.

Whenever you hear something that upsets you in any way, take a deep breath and consider that there is more to the story. Do not react immediately, but wait and ask questions so that you can understand more deeply before you can decide what you think of the statement or the situation. Avoid making assumptions and choose to take more time and develop a deeper understanding before you react.

Is there anything else the Keepers want to tell us about the month of August 2013?

This month, in addition to having a quiet stillness and a deep, reverent, spiritual connection, there is also a lot of Love moving through the human family at this time. This Love can bring with it a lot of joy. You do not need to be solemn or somber. You can be incredibly joyful and still be simple and gentle and sweet.

Look for joyful moments. Engage in play with your friends and loved ones. Spend time with playful people or animals. Children and animals are especially good at playing, but many adults have also become better at being playful. Look for chances to be playful. Again, this is meant to keep you in simplicity. Playfulness at its core is incredibly simple. It is not complicated at all. It is usually not planned and it usually does not involve a lot of deep thinking. It is simple. It arises spontaneously, like laughter.

It is fine to engage in joyful, even really active experiences. Just make sure that you are simple in your heart. Make sure you are not overcomplicating any situations. Take the easy way, enjoy things as they are, and look for deeper connections but do not try to force them. Really let yourself move with the flow of things. Put all your efforts toward simplifying and loving rather than trying to control what is happening around you. Then this month will not only be deeply spiritual and deeply healing, but it also can be a lot of fun.

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