What energy and experiences can we expect this month?

There is a sweeping, strong energy this month and we can describe it best
through an adage for the month of March. People say that if March comes
in like a lion then it will go out like a lamb, or if it comes in like a lamb then
it will go out like a lion. This is used to describe the variable springtime
weather in March, but this concept applies to the metaphysical energy of
August 2012. There is a sense that either the energy will be very intense at
the beginning and gentle at the end or it will be gentle at the beginning and
intense at the end. And which of those occurs will be different for each of

This adage applies most clearly to personal life rather than collective events,
and it will serve you to pay attention to the first week of August. Notice how
you feel and what events take shape for you. If there is intensity, you can
know that things will ebb and become more simple and gentle as the month
goes on. If the first week of August is very gentle and calm for you, then
you can anticipate that things will intensify and something important will
happen at the end of the month. It will be different for each one of you, but
that sense of a variable dynamic will occur for everyone. There is a feeling
of push and pull. There is a feeling of duality merging together this month.
So things will be loud and then quiet, big and then small, and so forth. You
will not find much middle ground during this month. It is a time to explore
the two sides of every dualism by exploring both more fully.

The merging of duality during this month will not happen because everything
becomes neutral. Instead, it will happen in a tendency to embody and work
with both ends of the duality at the same time. You will find that you can
be calm in the middle of chaos, or you can be activated and energized in the
middle of silence. Your ability to carry the energy you intend, regardless
of what is happening in your circumstances, is one of the most important
things for you to cultivate this month. Explore how to draw upon your inner
resources and determine what is needed -- when you need to be quiet and
when you need to be loud, when you need to be gentle and when you need
to be strong. This month, pay attention to duality. Pay attention to the ebb
and flow of your personal life and make your choices based on that dynamic
as it begins to emerge at the beginning of the month.

How can we find the greatest benefit in using this energy?

The greatest benefit can come through being playful, expressive, and
experimental. This will help you move along with the variable conditions
you will encounter this month. This is a very good time for you to practice
letting things go if they are not working. If you try something this month,
and it is not working, consider setting it aside and trying something new.
Or set it aside and try an entirely different approach to the same thing.
Things will go very well for you this month if you are willing to experiment
-- if you are willing to take it at a different angel or change the variables
that define the situation. Be creative in how you approach the challenges
and problems of your life this month. A playful, experimental, adventurous
attitude is going to serve you very well this month because it will open
you up to expressing and exploring the full range of any given duality. Try
to experience the full range of being quiet or loud, the full range of being
solitary or communal, and so forth. Just stretch into your full range. Try
every different solution you can come up with.

This is also a good time for you to step outside of your comfort zone. Try
something new this month; try something that scares you just a little bit.
Do not put yourself in danger, but do look at how you limit yourself in your
life and try to move past those habits. Try the situations or experiences that
you usually avoid but you know would be good for you. Do not avoid things
simply because they make you feel uncomfortable. Try to step into the
situations that could make you grow, despite feeling nervous. Find out who
you are on the other side of that fear. This is a very good time to face your
fears and take a deep breath and go for it.

Is there anything that we need to avoid or watch out for during the month of August 2012?

Yes. Because there is such a strong and sweeping energy, you will find
that the people around you are going to have a strong momentum for their
own storyline and their own drama. It will be important that you not get
caught up in other people's stories. It is fine for you to listen to your friends
and loved ones. It is fine for you to think with them about their life and to
give advice and help. But be careful that you do not start following their
drama instead of taking care of your own. It is important that you not get
too wrapped up in feeling what they feel or worrying about what they are
experiencing. Stay centered in what is really happening for you. Even if you
are helping a friend or seeing them through something difficult, continually
ask yourself, "How do I feel about this?" "What do I need at this point?"

Make sure you stay centered and grounded in your personal story and the
things you have to learn, because there is so much to learn this month.
There is such a big, expansive energy that can be absolutely liberating and
so beneficial for helping you develop momentum and really move into the
life you are meant to live. To use this gift, you must not be distracted by
trying to help everyone around you. Stay centered in your own life and
reach out to help from that place of being centered.

Remember this year is the year of making choices and taking accountability
for those choices. At this point in 2012, most of you have chosen a
direction. Even if you do not know all the details yet and you do not have
the plan in hand, you have chosen a direction and you are well on your
way to becoming the person you want to be for the rest of your life. You
are becoming the change you wish to see in the world. Now that you have
established some direction and intention for that, this is the month for you
to establish momentum. It is time to really move toward your dreams.

If you continually get distracted by others, or if you worry too much about
what others will think or what they are dealing with, you are going to miss
the opportunity to develop momentum and it will take you ten times longer
later to really start moving in the direction you want with your life. So do
not be distracted by others. You can care, you can connect, and you can be
involved, but make sure you continually check with yourself about what is
happening in your life, what is most important to you. Make sure that you
are feeding your dreams and your soul every single day.

Is there anything else for us to know about working with the energy of August 2012?

Because there is such a strong, sweeping energy this month, it is very
important for you to take good care of your physical bodies. It would serve
you to be physically active this month to help you move that energy through
you and to help you establish muscle tone and oxygen absorption and all

of the chemical processes that happen when you exercise. This helps to
stabilize your entire system. Exercise will help you work with the energy
that is coming through and make you strong enough to step into the roles
you were meant to play in this life. Use physical exercise, strengthening
your muscles, eating healthy food and being physically grounded to help
you survive thrive with this beautiful gift that August is bringing to you. The
grand, sweeping energy of this month can be like a fire to light the engines
for you to move toward your dreams. Take good care of your body -- do
not be afraid to be physical, stretch, expand, and challenge yourself to be

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