What energy and experiences can we expect in August 2011?

The energy this month feels really big, but also very light. There is a sense of emptiness in the energy of the month that might be unnerving for some people. Some of you will feel that the rug gets pulled out from under you this month. As you are facing different challenges in your lives, it might be difficult to find an anchor. It might be difficult to find something to hold onto or to steady yourself with. It is more important than ever this month that you take very good care of your bodies, that you be sure to take one breath at a time and that you choose to stay steady and focused because the energy is going to be so expansive and light that you can lose your focus easily and you can start to feel you are getting lost.

This energy is so expansive in some ways because so much changed in July and you have not yet integrated what those changes mean for you or how your life is going to look after the change. A lot of the emptiness comes because you are lacking information. That information will begin to fill itself in this month. It is important to be patient this month. It is important to look for new information. This is a month when it is going to be really useful for you to make choices, to avoid delaying decisions. If you are not quite sure what to do or what to choose, in any given circumstance, make part of the choice. Maybe you do not know if you want to go all the way down a certain path, so choose to take one step down the path and then wait to get more information.

This sense of emptiness, it can be very freeing and liberating, but it can also induce a sense of fear. When you are feeling afraid this month, turn to your body and get grounded. When you are feeling afraid, take a few deep breaths or eat a healthy meal or go for a walk, or even just look outside at a tree or a plant. Focus your mind on grounding energy. Do things that help you feel centered and quiet inside yourself so that you avoid being overwhelmed by the sense of emptiness around you this month.

How can we find the greatest benefit of this energy?

Well the emptiness and the expansion really is a lightening thing. This is meant to be liberating for you. It just might not feel liberating until later on when you get your bearings. You will get the greatest benefit, once you are grounded, by trying everything with new things or to see things with a fresh perspective.

This is an excellent time to use “beginners mind.” To do the things you have done before but from a fresh perspective. To consider what your assumptions or expectations are and try to let those go so that you walk into each situation not knowing what to expect; open to any possibility. Beginners mind can be an incredibly powerful asset this month because so much has changed. As you develop your new habits or as you get your new bearings, if you just bring all your old assumptions into place, you are going to build the same limiting life that you had before. Where if you will use a beginners mind, you will look for new things and you will try it in a new way, then you will have the chance to build a life that is more expansive than it ever was before. That is the way to get the greatest benefit.

Are there certain things that we should look out for or avoid this month?

Yeah. It is going to be important to avoid information overload. Because you are already unfocused and kind of hanging out there, if your mind is constantly encountering new information, you are not going to have a chance at getting grounded and you will not have a chance of seeing what the new information is. So clear your mind this month. Avoid television, avoid the Internet, avoid doing the things that fill your mind with lots of useless information. Of course use television and the Internet when it is useful, but be more conscientious about it. Avoid just letting your mind be stimulated in ways that you do not need or do not want or do not feel are useful. Avoiding information overload is important this month.

It is also really important that you avoid overextending your body. This is an important time to get a lot of sleep. You might work hard and you might play hard, but you also need to rest hard this month. Make sure you attend to your sleep and to having times when there is really quiet and no stimulation, just to give yourself the space in your life to adjust to this new energy and to let yourself expand into it.

Is there anything else the Keepers want to tell us about August 2011?

It is important to be conscious about fear this month because a lot of people, when they encounter this emptiness and this feeling that everything has changed and they do not know yet what to do, a lot of people are just going to fall into fear; it triggers fear. That discomfort can be scary for people, so it is really important that each of you watch your own fear level and it is important that you be kind and gentle with others as they are going through fear. Do not try to fix the fear for them. You know what that does; it pulls you into the fearful energy. So be kind, be gentle, be supportive, but do not try to fix it for them. The most useful thing that you can do for those who are in fear -- is you can be steady and calm. If you try and talk to them about their fear, fix the fear -- it raises your vibration into the same kind of fearful sort of frantic energy. Instead, you stay calm, you stay centered and trust that just like a moth coming toward the light, people will come to you and they will eventually quiet themselves if they are around you long enough.

Really take good care of yourself and be patient with those who are in fear. Do what you can to notice your fear when it arises. When you find something that you are feeling afraid about, make a decision about that thing. Use the energy of August to help you find action, even if the action is very small. If you are afraid you are going to run out of money, make a decision about how to save your money this month. If you are afraid that there are too many weeds in your garden, make a decision about when you are going to pull the weeds. Whatever it is, even if a decision will not fix the whole problem, just by making a small decision in regard to that thing you are afraid of, you step into a more powerful position and the fear becomes lessened. Watch out for fear. Be calm, be steady and do your best to move through this month one step at a time, one day at a time. Trust that the new picture, the new life is coming together for you. If you will just stay gentle and calm, that life can be more expansive than ever before.

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