What energy and experiences can we expect in August of 2008?

The energy of August 2008 is like a Supernova. It is a continuation of the rapid, heat-producing expansion that began in July. In fact, this expansion is something that is certainly not accomplished in a month or two. This expansion occurs over the course two to three years. The process began over one year ago, and you have been preparing for this supernova explosion of energy for between six and nine months. From November 2007 to March 2008, you experienced a period of intensification, like the packing of dynamite in order to prepare it for an explosion. Your lives and the energy around you became denser, in a way. Although all of you were moving toward the Light, things began to feel intense and crowded. You shifted into clarification and intensity in each of your individual lives and as a global collective. Spring, particularly in May and June, is the time when some space opened up for you to expand. Once that space opened up the true expansion, the true energetic rush of personal and collective change, began. You have been feeling this energy through the month of July, much like a crackling vibration – a sense of possibility and a restless feeling that something big is about to occur. Some of the metaphors we have given you for the energy in July were like a rapid firing of an automatic rifle or the rapid popping of firecrackers. That was just the beginning of the true Supernova nature of the expansion that you are going through.

The month of August brings a more even tone to this energy, but far hotter expansion. We say heat not as a literal temperature change, but as a metaphor for what this expansion is like. As a fire produces heat through the breaking of bonds between atoms, a similar kind of burn has begun in the energy of planet Earth that guides and supports your lives. It began in July and will continue through the rest of the fall. August is the time when you reach the boiling point and begin a long, slow simmer. Depending on each of your individual choices, you will find that this sense of a slower burn carries you forward in your lives, especially if you are clear and honest with yourselves about your situation, your choices, and standing in your truth. If you are holding onto denial, deception, or old patterns, you will find that the expanding heat this month leads you to feel as if your engine is breaking down -- anything that is not working in your life will become starkly evident in the months of September, October and November. We will discuss this in future months.

For now, the month of August gives you an opportunity for a slower, more consistent burn, but an intense and rapid expansion at the same time. It is an excellent opportunity to burn away any old habits that hold you back. This is a great time to stop smoking, or to begin volunteering in a cause you believe in. August is a time when you are likely to see a great deal of collective change -- you are likely to see more natural disasters that bring global attention to certain parts of the world. More particularly they bring more global attention to your interconnectedness as a human race and your interdependence with one another. You are likely to see this interdependence become more of a united front in regard to the way you burn your fossil fuels in what you are calling the energy or oil crisis. This includes the food crisis as well that is happening worldwide. You are likely to see this intensify.

You will find in August that you are more able to create a collective pursuit or a united front. August is a time when it will benefit you greatly to come together to take the bonds you have begun to build amongst yourselves through the spring and summer. Expand these loving connections into a sense of a larger collective community. For you, that may mean expanding yourself into a neighborhood, a city or even, for some of you, a sense of truly being part of a global society. It is vital that you begin to see yourselves in context. It is vital that you work to embrace the fact that your human existence is proof that you want to be here, that some part of your soul is deeply committed to the human form and the human collective; otherwise you would not be a human being at this time on Planet Earth. It is useful in August to embrace this idea and truly consider why you are here -- what parts of you are most deeply inspired by and connected to your fellow human beings. This year, 2008, has been called the year of answering your calling. It is the year to find your purpose in being here and to answer that call. August is the time to look around at the human collective and your place in it, and consider making a much deeper commitment on a personal level to the human family in whatever way makes sense for you.

Can you tell us more about exactly how our personal lives will be affected by the energy of August, 2008?

Yes, in your personal lives you are likely to see things get bigger. When you make a mistake it will feel bigger, when you do something kind for another person it will have a much greater effect. In general, everything is amplified in August. It is the nature of this Supernova energy to shed light on things and create heat. Heat is simply a generation of energy. It will be useful for you to try to stay calm, cool, and collected as things seem to get big. That being said, the energy of August is not necessarily chaotic, so while events, emotions, and experiences seem to get bigger, there is really no need to panic or to drastically change your personal choices or the direction in which you are going. In fact, for the most part, if you have found a course or a direction that works well or feels right to you, it will be important and useful to stay that course in August, even when that course seems to have a greater effect than you expected. Stay the course of what feels most true, most clear, and most empowering in your lives. You will adjust to this larger energy over time if you will remain true to your highest sense of yourselves.

Similarly, you can use this amplification to see more deeply into the dynamics in your lives. If there is a relationship you are unsure about, watch in August for very clear evidence on which direction to take. Because everything will be amplified, it will be far easier to see what is really happening beneath the surface. In that way there is a continuation of what we have told you in the two prior months, which is that it is far more difficult for deception to occur on Planet Earth at this time. It will be more difficult for you to carry on denial or deception in any way. It will be far more difficult for any organization or institution to deceive individual human beings. You are likely to see individuals becoming disillusioned or disenchanted with endeavors they had previously become accustomed to or committed themselves to. You will see people, particularly world leaders, change their minds or take a new course in August. Anything that does not serve the highest benefit of the human race becomes more obviously apparent and more undeniable. It has taken a great deal of human suffering to bring these misconceptions or illusions to the surface, so it may look like the world in somewhat battered at this point in time. It will continue to be important that you keep your hearts wide open and strive to be kind, tender and gentle with yourselves and others during the month of August 2008.

Are there any power days or days of importance during August 2008?

August 10 and 11 provide a cooling period. It will be a time when truth will come into a more clear focus, but will be easier to work with or deal with any process that has occurred before August 10 and 11 that has brought up emotions. Another use of the metaphor of heat is to say emotional resonance, rage or passionate responses to events. Take these days to cool down and look at things outside your feelings with a more objective point of view. These are good days to get your feet on the ground and cool your head.

August 12 is a day of softening. It is a day you may feel there is a fog; it is not easy to push through to clarity. Have patience with yourselves on this day. You may not easily find clarity on August 12 and it will feel distinctly different from the energy on the 10th and the 11th. Have patience. August 12 is a good day to be particularly tender with yourselves. It is a good day to do things that comfort you and bring you to a greater sense of physical health and well-being.

August 13 is a day in which new possibilities open up for you individually. Pay close attention to the things that interest you on August 13. You will find new resources to help you move toward them on this day.

August 17 is a day of power. It is a day when it will be important for you to stand in your power, whatever that means, in your personal lives. To stand up for your truth, to remain true to yourselves, to say no to any person, event or force in your lives that would do you harm.

August 24 is a similar day of power; it has a softness to it, but it will be equally important on August 24 to stand in your power, consider what is most important to you and move toward that. Do not allow yourselves to be distracted by those things that are not important to you or that are not priorities in your life. Be well aware of what you wish to focus on in the bigger picture of your lives on August 24. Do your best to stay focused on those things.

What kind of hurricane season can we expect this year? What is the meaning and message of hurricanes in the United States?

You will have an active hurricane season this year. At this time, as this message is channeled, the potentials for what that activity will look like have not been fully established. It is clear you will have significant hurricane activity; more than the average hurricane season. There are two primary directions this might take. Either you will see an unending series of small but significant hurricanes or you will see a period of intense quiet preceding a smaller, shorter series of far more intense hurricanes -- perhaps at the same level as hurricane Katrina. These potentials are not yet developed because humanity as a collective and planet Earth are continually renegotiating what will be of greatest service for you.

The meaning and message of hurricanes in the United States, as well as what you call typhoons or cyclones in other parts of the world, originates in a profound partnership with the collective will of humanity and Earth. Hurricanes are very deeply tied with the Enlightenment process of human beings and the planet. Hurricanes and cyclones stir the pot so to speak. Do you know this phrase, “Don’t stir the pot”? We want to explain what this means. Often in a social setting where there is denial or illusion that has not been expressed or dealt with by the people involved, one person will come along and “stir the pot,” meaning they will come along and say what has gone unsaid or create small but significant changes that begin to expose and unravel those repressed or ignored dynamics that were below the surface. It can look like this person has created trouble, but trouble cannot be created unless there was something out of alignment already in existence -- unless there was something in the pot to be stirred. When you are completely in alignment with your highest truth, nothing can stir you – nothing can upset or overpower you.

Hurricanes often provide a similar role. They are like the joker or coyote archetype in that they create destruction specifically for the purpose of bringing to light that which no longer serves you. Physically, they stir the air and the water into a frenzy. Similarly they stir up energy that has been too long held and too long ignored. A hurricane often brings to light that which has been buried below the surface. If you personally have been involved in a hurricane or cyclone, you can look to your personal history to see how those things that were holding you back, that were unexamined or unacknowledged before the hurricane, often became apparent and renegotiated after the storm. A hurricane tends to bring to light that which was buried. Often it will occur in your personal lives, as well as for you collectively, at a time when you are ready to bring to light a new level of withheld or repressed information or a dynamic that limits you as a collective. In that way, you can think of hurricanes and cyclones as an intense, uncompromising spring cleaning.

At their best, these storms give you an opportunity for renewal; at their worst, they destroy everything and leave you little resource for rebuilding. But they always clear away what no longer serves you. They represent the force of destruction particularly for the purpose of renewal. You can see this in the United States with the example of Hurricane Katrina, which has come to represent a profound disillusionment with your government and social systems. It brought to light the existence of racism in a post Civil Rights Movement era, and the tragedy of class-ism in your world; it helped you to see what has yet to be healed by all of you collectively.

Hurricanes, cyclones, and typhoons do not occur as punishment for your behaviors. They are neutral occurrences that offer an experience for those who would be best served by them. All of you benefit when previously hidden information becomes available, even when that information is initially difficult for you to see. When it benefits all of humanity to see something, a storm will make itself big enough for you to pay attention. Storms arrive in particular areas based on the agreements of those who experience them, and each of you arranges to be just where you need to be when a storm arrives. Do not imagine that your soul has abandoned you when you dislike an experience, for each of you is led by Divine Love to be precisely where you will be best served in every moment of your lives. You are never alone, and you are never out of Love. Knowing this is the beginning of taking such full accountability for your lives that you move into Enlightenment. Any denial of your experience is denial of your truest self.

You can expect that hurricanes will continue to bring to light that which needs to be seen in order for all of you to progress through Enlightenment. In that regard, the potential for hurricanes is that you can accomplish the disillusionment and renewal necessary for this year on Planet Earth through a long slow series of small hurricanes with minimal destruction. If you continue to stand in denial as a collective global culture in regard to the ways that individuals cede their personal power to governments and institutions, then the potential for a massive, more destructive hurricane builds in order to create a further experience in which your collective denial is more obviously destroyed. Through this, your collective empowerment is brought to light and enabled.

What is the most useful way for Lightworkers to engage the US presidential campaigning in August of 2008?

You will see the heat and expansion we have described in US presidential politics during the month of August 2008. It will be what you might call a hotly-contested race. You will see violent words and perhaps even physical violence in regard to the upcoming election. For Lightworkers, it will be vitally important that you stay calm and resist the urge to foster a mentality that pits people against one another. It will be vital for each of you, on an individual basis, to carefully ride the balance between staying engaged enough to bring a cool head to the process without becoming so engaged that you lose track of the fact that all people are good. Particularly, resist the urge to lose track of your commitment to living outside of duality. During the month of August 2008, it will be incredibly tempting for you to use language and develop a perspective in which some people are good and some people are bad, or that some ideas are good and some ideas are bad. The fact is, every person involved and every idea that arises is simply what it is – a person or an idea.

Much of the heat generated in August will be generated through people’s personal resistance to what is. People try hard to believe that some people are bad or that some people are better than others, and this creates a great deal of energetic friction and vibrational static. It makes it difficult for you collectively to come to clarity. For Lightworkers, try to remain cool-headed and open-hearted. Even if you feel more attuned to some ideas and choose one side over another, resist the urge to think of anyone who disagrees with you as being inferior or bad. It would be particularly useful for Lightworkers every day, to develop the practice of actively rejecting the labels of good or bad. Do your best to engage in the process, talk to people about what you believe, what is important to you and then to listen and respect the words, ideas, and beliefs of others. This is all part of a greater process. The US presidential election of 2008 is operating very much like a hurricane. It is stirring the pot and bringing to light things in your culture, economy, religions and racial dynamics that no longer serve you. It is bringing to light that which remains to be healed. It is important that you not be swept up in what remains, but keep your eye on how to heal it. Keep your eye on the bigger picture. The campaign activities in August will be unnerving for some and you will have the ability to create an enormous healing force through your commitment to staying cool, calm, collected, open-hearted, tender and gentle.

How can we best connect with Source during August of 2008?

Always, your connection with Source is a personal dynamic. It is what you call religion and it is deeply personal. For some of you, prayer brings you to a deep sense of connection with your higher power; for others, prayer seems empty and hollow. For some, meditation brings you to an incredible level of peace; for others, meditation only makes you feel uncomfortable and restless. As always, your connection with Source is one that is there at all times and in all places. How you experience that connection with Source will always be a matter of how well you respond to your own personal needs, to your own personal language or experience of joy, happiness and fulfillment.

That being said, in August of 2008 you will often experience your connection with Source when you are in motion. For some of you, meditation will always work beautifully well, but for many of you in August, because the energy is as drastic as a star exploding, many of you will find that you need to stay in motion in order to feel connected – you will want to keep moving with the energy as it arises. You might develop an active spiritual practice during August. Consider taking walks instead of meditating or sitting in a spiritual group, or consider going for a walk with your spiritual group. Instead of praying by your bedside at night, pray on a hillside with the wind whipping around you. In general it will serve you to be in motion as you connect with Source and as you connect with your deepest, truest, highest self during the month of August 2008.

What else would the Keepers like us to know about August 2008?

You are so good and your hearts are so good. This truth can be a vital reminder, like a touchstone during the month of August 2008. While things become more intense and as you feel the heat of change expanding around you, that also means there is an amplification of all of the underlying messages you carry with you. For those of you who struggle with self-criticism, the voice of your inner critic may seem like a roar. For those of you who love to laugh and find laughter an easy thing to access, you will find that deep belly laughs emerge far more easily in August of 2008. The things that you enjoy will be bigger; the things you struggle with will be bigger. Do not imagine that things become more difficult, they just become bigger. The balance you have established in your lives will continue. The balance between joy and pain in your personal lives will be the same balance with bigger joy and bigger pain.

There is no need to panic. Again, there is no need to change the course of your lives if your lives are working well. On the other hand, if something in your life is not working well, it will amplify itself to the point of being undeniable -- you will need to revise it in order to move forward. Remember that you are good, remember that for every single human being your purpose here is to experience exactly what you have experienced and to move toward the Light through the path that you have established. If you will remember that and embrace that which you are, you will find that you can move forward into that which you want to become more easily. Remember that you are good, remember that you are blessed and remember that you are surrounded by loved ones; both in the human world and in the dimensions of Spirit. Every human being has a heart that yearns to connect with every other human being. You are surrounded by people yearning to connect. Any courage you can find to open the connection with others will bring all of you to a greater level of safety and connection. We encourage this – reach out to one another. Bless the hearts of everyone you meet -- bless your hearts.

The US economy seems to be going through some pretty wild gyrations right now. In the context of the next 30 days, what is the best action that we as individuals can take to not get frightened about what we are hearing and reading in terms of the US economy?

There is so much information about this. Even though you asked one specific question, there is more information available here that will in part help you avoid stepping into fear. In part, the answer to the question about avoiding fear is that fear can be diminished when you have more information.

The US economy is oscillating -- moving up and down continuously – and over the course of those oscillations you have developed a general trend of going down. Through the month of August, the US economy will continue this swing downward and it will catch even more momentum as it is moving downward. One way to think of it is that reality is catching up with itself or people are being called back into reality about valuation and evaluation. This process will continue, but it will not always look like a downward swing. As with the process with disillusionment, as soon as you start to see the thing that was previously unseen, suddenly all kinds of other things become visible and available. Imagine the way this works when you are watching a movie that is mysterious, in which the plot or the roles of certain characters are unknown. The moment that you grasp some connection between two characters, or you realize the truth of a certain plot point and you begin to see the overall picture, everything else seems to come into view as well. There is a sense of information cascading as the overall picture comes into your perception. As you put two and two together, you find that the overall picture comes with vast new pieces of information. Everything you have seen must be reevaluated based on your new viewpoint.

The US economy is essentially giving you all the opportunity to reevaluate everything right now. This is your opportunity to reevaluate what you value, how you spend your time, what you spend your money on, and why you are here on planet Earth.

The US economy had split into so many different realities -- with the different perspectives, beliefs, and evaluations of various individuals and institutions, -- that “reality” as defined by the US economy had become a tangled web of completely different realities overlapping one another. What you had was chaos and, within that, a great deal of gyration. Now, the US economy is regaining the ground beneath its own feet. In some ways it is coming back down to Earth. You are going to see, through the course of August, that the US economy will continue to do what people are calling a downturn. Some stocks or properties will become more highly valued; many more will become less valued according to the definitions of the economy because you are coming back down to Earth.

The changes you are seeing are not part of a chaotic process. The sense of chaos you are experiencing is actually the new realization of the complexity and disassociation that had developed in the economic system. It looks like chaos because things are happening unexpectedly -- outside the boundaries of what people had convinced themselves would happen, or outside the rules by which people have convinced themselves the economy works.

There is no sense here that the economy is flying off the handle or that it is somehow going to escape all of your ability to work with it. Instead it is just swinging downward, and the probability is that it will continue to swing downward for several months to come. The key to resolving your fears about this is to embrace knowing and acceptance that things are changing. The economy and your lives will not “go back” to what they were; you are all moving forward to something new and more accurately attuned to the reality you have chosen for yourselves. For many of you, the fear is less about devaluation of money and instead is more about the sense of losing control or losing your ability to predict what will happen tomorrow. Instead of living every day trying to hold onto the illusion that an economy is going to become as it was before, we invite you to let go of the way that you interpreted or worked with the US economy before this summer. Assume that there is a new ground that you will be standing on and that you will be just fine. Most of you will end up where you started in your position in regard to the US economy. You will have some debts and some assets, according to your individual path. There is no magic bullet in a general sense or an individual sense. You are being invited to pay attention, to think anew, and to see each day and each moment with fresh eyes. Your economy is moving into a new way of being, and you are invited to do the same. Resist the urge to hold your breath and wait for things to go back to the way they were. Instead, look carefully at your resources in the context of what you truly want in your life. Make your decisions based on the vision of your heart, rather than nostalgia for what you wanted at one time in the past.

Make an assumption that you are on a slippery slide at the playground. Just like on the playground, this slide does have an end, and that end arrives as a gently curve where things slow down and you touch the ground again. Your experience with the US economy is as if you are just going down a slippery slide and you will find yourself at the end. The end is not a crash; it is just a new plateau and a new ground beneath your feet. In many ways, the steps you can take to avoid going into fear are the very same steps to get out of denial. Notice what your attachment is to the economy. Take a look at what you have invested in the US economy both financially and emotionally. Most of you have some kind of emotional investment in the US economy or in the idea of the US economy. Take a look at your attachments and beliefs; take a look at what you are afraid of on a personal level. As we said, some people are afraid of losing control, other people are afraid of feeling unworthy, afraid of losing something, afraid of being worse than someone else or being better than someone else. All of these things are just ideas, but they create your reality so it is very, very important for each of you to evaluate what your attachments, investments and ideas are in regard to the US economy. Once you can personalize this, you will find that it makes a lot more sense.

As the US economy is going through this big shift, it is actually not necessarily there to create a big shift for each of you as individuals. The only shift is that it furthers the necessity for each of you to be accountable for your choices -- to be aware of why you do the things you do. Make decisions based on what feels right for you rather than waiting for someone else to take care of things or rather than waiting for someone else to give you permission to take care of things. That is no different than it was a year ago regardless of what is happening with the US economy. Take it as a personal journey. Let it be a source of reflection for you and know that you will, in a general sense, continue to see the numbers go down; you will continue to see people raise big questions about the economy and the way that it has been put together before. There is indeed a revolution occurring but there is nothing to fear, most of you will land right where you started in regard to the economy, and all of you will land right where you need to be for your highest good to be served.

Is there anything else, on a broader scale, that they want us to know about in regard to the US situation?

Yes -- that the primary experience of August 2008 is a stabilization of expansion. This is in regard to energy, information, and each of you -- your souls are expanding, your lives are expanding, your ability to see is expanding, your connection with the divine is expanding, everything is getting bigger right now. Again, the energy of August 2008 is that expansion continues but it becomes stabilized – changes and intensity will seem to make more sense to you as you move through this month.

Imagine a graph that depicts how the energy of August is working in relationship to the US economy. There is an inverse relationship occurring in August. If you could quantify personal Enlightenment or expansion, the numbers are going up. The line spiked sharply upward in July, and is now easing into a more steady upward sweep. Your expansion takes place in a steadier, more regulated pace. Inversely, the US economy could be seen as a line that moves downward – values are being reduced. The line representing the US economy in August continues moving downward, but at a more stable, regulated rate. Even though things continue to shift, both in terms of the economy and your personal lives, that shifting becomes more manageable. It becomes more easily interpreted. August is an excellent time for you to make sense of things that have not made sense to you before, whether it is in regard to your relationships, your financial status or something you are trying to learn in school or work. August is an excellent time to find meaning in motion and to finally make sense of things.

The vital information regarding the US economy is that often, when a human being perceives money or resources are scarce, that human being will withdraw or get smaller. They will become smaller, quieter, and they will strive for less. People tend to go into a state of dormancy when they perceive their resources are scarce. The actual thing that is happening in August that is important to understand is that the inverse relationship means that it is time to do something radically different with this particular recession. It is time to choose to get bigger, stronger, braver, and louder. As the numbers go down in the economy, your expansion quota is going up; your lives are still getting bigger. Part of the beauty of this inverse relationship is that you are invited to see who you are outside of your money or your financial evaluation. To see how your life can be really big regardless of the resources that you perceive around you, or to pay closer attention to your non-physical resources.

August is an excellent time to draw your attention to your non-physical resources such as your life force energy, free time, your connection with Spirit, or your relationships with friends. Things that are not tangible but are incredibly important and far more attuned to who you are as energetic beings than to who you are as physical beings. Let that inverse relationship serve your expansion. Resist the urge to make everything in your life smaller. It will serve you to be creative in August about using your resources in a way that makes your life bigger regardless of what your income may be or how your physical or financial assets are shifting around.

It is almost as if this is an opportunity, if we allow it, to really rely more on inner resources as you are saying. That causes fear in some people, are there tools to breathe, think, or work through it that we can use?

Yes. Consider that because expansion is continuing at a rapid rate, but you are more able to see it now, that everything will feel amplified in August. Any little fears you have are going to feel a lot bigger than they are. Also, simple joys and pleasures will feel much bigger and more delicious than they usually do. Assume this amplification in August and do your best to stay calm. Do your best to not fall completely into either pleasure or displeasure. Fear might look really big, but do your best to keep a cool head knowing that everything feels bigger in August, but that your balance is essentially the same as it has always been.

In the Looking Ahead message we used the metaphor of a supernova for the energy of August. It is a very explosive energy, making everything feel and look bigger. In regard to your fear, let us be more specific about what to do with an exercise. One of them is the strongest remedy for fear in general, particularly in August. It will serve you to really turn to, strengthen, and reside in your loving human connections with others. Any form of isolation will be somewhat debilitating this month. The most important thing anyone can be doing at this time is to draw closer to other human beings. Every day you can hear messages, read about how important it is to open your hearts and to have compassion and love for your fellow human beings - that is always true. There is something about this particular expansion that is occurring during the year of 2008, particularly in the summer and fall, which is that each of you in your own individual ways, have stepped into your contract to the human race.

For a few of you, your contract and your calling is obvious -- your work might have changed or you might have taken on some kind of personal commitment in regard to your dedication to the human race. For many more of you, your contract and calling is not obvious yet. This is fine; you are not missing anything The most important guideline or advice we can give you about living during the month of August 2008, is to draw closer to the people around you. You will find yourselves and your purpose as you do this. Reach out to people. Think of ways you can share yourself with people -- ways you can show up for people when they need you. Consider ways you can be more affectionate, or that you can create a commitment or engagement in a community project or a family or group endeavor. This is the most direct remedy for the kinds of fears that are becoming amplified during this month. It has become the case that isolation amplifies fear and connection will always diminish your fear. In August, connection with your fellow humans is the built-in remedy for fear during this particular month.

Even if you do not feel like it, or seem to have the energy for it, or even if you cannot really see how it is going to help anything -- choose to connect with another human being at least once every day in a way that is bigger, longer or deeper than you would have yesterday. For some of you, stop by and say hello to a neighbor whom you usually do not talk to. For others, call a friend that you have not spoken with in a long time. Try extending a hand of forgiveness or compassion to someone with whom you have been in conflict, or try giving a hug instead of a smile to someone when you see them. Whatever makes sense to you in your life, take another step; take a step closer and deeper with the people in your life and you will find that fear does not have much space in you. Fear will exist but it will not have the space to amplify. That is the first, most central, piece in regard to reducing your experience of fear during August.

The second piece of is a matter of changing your perspective. More than ever, generalizations about the human experience exist to fuel your fear. On the other hand, noticing specific, unique differences in what people experience will fuel your faith, trust, love, and your sense of stability and safety in the world. To illustrate, consider that when you read the newspaper or listen to the news, you hear that the economy is falling apart or that global climate change is threatening the human race. These are generalizations. They are true at the generalized level. Generally, you are going to hear a lot of things that fuel your fear. Remedy this by turning your attention specifically to individual stories. Pay attention to what is happening to each of your neighbors or each of your friends. Notice how people are taking different approaches to challenges in their lives; this creates a deep-seated reassurance that every person exists in the reality that serves them best by choice of their higher self.

You do not always have to grasp what that means in metaphysical terms. You can simply watch for evidence that each person gets what they need as they go. This includes their challenges as well as their resources. As you continue to see evidence for that, evidence of things that seem difficult or wrong initially, turn out to be a blessing in disguise; these simple truths are what emerge when you pay attention to one another. You are going to find that a deep-seated relaxation, a deep-seated sense of peace takes root inside of you, whereas you ignore your individual stories. If you do not pay attention to the actual people in your life and instead keep looking at the news or these grand generalizations about what is happening in the world, you are going to have a harder time finding space for that peace inside of you to take root.

If some of you find that you are really feeling uneasy or upset about what looks like a very challenging, difficult world, it is a very challenging, difficult time on Planet Earth by the way, so it is okay to feel that way. Try a specific exercise to look for these kinds of stories. Read a local newsletter or local newspaper rather than a general national paper. Ask your neighbor how they are doing and then really pay attention to what they have to say. Look for stories or essays written by people sharing their experience in regard to any theme about life as long as it is an individual story. You are going to find that is where your peace really takes root.

It sounds like this is a real opportunity for and it feels as if there is a lot of really positive momentum like somehow we are more solid and practiced than we have been. Is that the case?

This is true, and it is an excellent way to think about the energy of August. There is a sense of more solidity, even as you continue to expand. You have not had the time to process so much of what has come into your lives yet. You will not really have the time to process this and integrate it until later in September and October. For now, it is as if you have all been flying around collecting what you needed for your individual journeys. In August you are finding the ground again, but you are still moving really, really fast. You might picture yourself like an airplane that has been flying in the air and doing loop-de-loops, flying up and down, here and there through the clouds and now you have just hit the runway. Things might feel bumpy, as it typically does during an airplane landing. The fact is that you are actually on solid ground more than you have been for a long time.

It is a very challenging time. You are going to feel like you are meeting a lot of resistance in the same way that an airplane does when it hits the brakes and it is bumping along on the runway. It will feel like resistance but it really is not resistance; it is just coming home to yourselves. It is as if your challenges and your resources have become more solid and more tangible. It can be easy to only pay attention to the challenges since people often have had enough trauma or struggle in their lives, that in order to survive, they have learned that they have to notice the bad stuff – they believe they must focus on what is most difficult because that is the stuff that has hurt them in the past.

Actually in August, you do not need to pay that much attention to your challenges or your difficulties. They are going to be so obvious that you do not have to look for them, nor do you need to get control of them -- they are just going to be there. Most of them are challenges you are already familiar with -- you just have not figured them out or resolved them completely yet. Turn your attention to the things that have become solid for you; notice the resources that are beneficial. Turn your attention to the spiritual practices you have adopted or enjoyed. Turn your attention to the relationships you have built that are supportive and beneficial. Turn your attention to everything that you love. Turn your attention to your body and the things you enjoy doing with your body. Just let your attention fall on the resources that have become more solid for you and trust that the challenges are not going to go away, but they are not going to overwhelm you either. That is the best way to work with that idea of solidity.

What if our expansion seems to cause a challenge in other people’s lives? Perhaps there are some of us who are expanding, but there are people in our lives who we see m to bump forward more quickly and they are not quite ready. How can we cope with that? It causes me a bit of discomfort to have to be the shove that gets people going forward. Is that okay? Is that their journey? What do we say to them?

There are two arenas in regard to this question. They each have vastly different answers. Even though you are asking about it in one perspective, we are going to answer it from two. Some people are going to want to know it in one way and others are going to want to know it in another. First, for some of you, the answer to this question is really about the role you play in people’s lives in which you feel you must decide whether to actively push or pull people into Enlightenment or to just let them be. That is one arena in which we will answer this question. The second arena is the question of how just being yourself seems to make people uncomfortable. Sometimes you cannot even say why it is, just that people kind of resist you even though you are not pushing or pulling at them necessarily.

We are going to start with the first because it is slightly more common. There is something about this month of August, really the whole second half of the year 2008, which is really a time of relationship. While this plays out in relationships between individuals, it is really about the bigger relationship between any one individual and humanity as a whole. That is the driving force and the central theme of the second half of 2008 -- each individual relationship to reality, humanity, and the planet. All of you are coming to terms with your place in the world. This is a big deal. It is incredibly unnerving for a lot of people, particularly if they have not been paying attention to this so far. Many who have been paying attention, who have been thinking about spiritual things -- such as what is right or wrong, or how to know if you are in tune with yourself or not -- those of you who are actively exploring a spiritual path of some kind or another, you will find it very tempting to try to help the people around you by offering advice or encouraging them to try something new. Often this is a perfectly harmless and sometimes even a useful thing to do. However, resist falling into a dualistic perspective in which you believe that some people are ahead of others, some are above or below others, or some people have it figured out and others do not.

The fact and the magical thing about the process of Enlightenment that most human beings on Planet Earth are going through it pretty quickly without even knowing. One day they just wake up and find they feel like they are way ahead of where they were the day before, but they have actually been moving that fast all along. You are going to find that trying to push or pull someone mostly just confuses you. If you get attached to another person’s process, you pull yourself back into a dualistic way of thinking that you have been trying to get out of for so long.

In August, be particularly aware of the ways that people in general tend to talk about everything as if it were good or bad. Consider ways to talk and think about the world in more neutral terms. In the Looking Ahead message, someone asked about politics and the US presidential election (see above). This is the same kind of thing. It is important as Lightworkers, or whatever you want to call yourselves, that you resist the urge to take sides. Even if you feel sympathetic to one side or another, whether it is in the election debates or whether apples or oranges are a better fruit, whatever the debate might be, even if you choose one side, resist the urge to believe or develop a belief that the other side is wrong necessarily; just assume that it is different. All of you have room to grow into this and to step out of duality even further. For some of you the answer to the question is to try to start tracking even more carefully where you think some things are right and others are wrong. Do your best to consider that they are both right and wrong. Play with the idea that everything is both.

The second arena within which we want to answer this question is when you find that you are just going through your life just doing what you do and people seem to come along and resist you. This most often occurs when you have created a contract with that person to be a light shining for them. Imagine someone who has been sick for a long time and has been sleeping with their windows closed. Even after they have healed, they might resist leaving the dark space they have created. They have been in there for so long that when you first open the blinds they might blink and say, “Turn that down! Shut it off!” It is quite clear that once they adjust to the light, they are going to be really happy to go outside and they are going to feel much better. This is one of the reasons nurses always open windows in hospital rooms.

Assume that you have created a contract to be that light in one way or another. Somehow just your presence emits a light that can feel irritating or threatening to those who have become accustomed to the darkness. Sometimes people will resist initially. If you push back -- if you try to convince them that you are right or that you have something valuable to offer them -- you are going to find that they keep resisting. They will find a way to close the blinds again because they have you to fight against. On the other hand, if you just stay there, like the sun, they move toward the light in their own time. The sun does not shine brighter because someone opens the window. The sun keeps doing exactly what it was doing before. If you will continue with that -- just stay the course, remain true to yourself, remain true to what seems important and most useful to you in any given moment -- then you will find that often people will resist you and then the next thing you know they are actively pursuing or seeking partnership with you in something.

Either way, the most useful thing you can do as Lightworkers is to stay on course with what you are doing with your life already. Do not try to push it, do not try to expand it, and do not try to share it. But do not hide it either. Let people come to you. Some people will come to you with resistance or some will come to you with questions and a desire to join you. In some moments this seems confusing. In some moments you get a little scrambled and you cannot figure out what to do with a certain person. In those moments, take a few steps back. You might walk away for a few minutes or just take a deep breath, or take some time to prepare before you have your next engagement with them. Notice whatever part of you yearns to change them and actively choose to trust their higher self and their Spirit Guides to keep them on the perfect track for them. Give yourself permission to stay completely true to what seems right to you without sharing or pushing it on them -- just stay true to what seems right to you. If that means you do something for yourself that confuses them or upsets them, trust that they will work through and learn what they need to from that. That is part of the contract that you have created with them.

Do the Keepers have anything else to say about August 2008?

We have talked a lot and answered many questions about fear in this message. Please continue to consider the fact that everything is amplified in August, which means that the balance is inherently the same, it is just bigger. Everything that is hard remains in balance with everything that is easy in your life. Even though things feel bigger, do not imagine that you are out of control. You are going through a long, slow shift. The only thing to adjust to here is to have everything be bigger. You do not need to adjust to a new kind of balance or a new set of rules as much as you just need to get comfortable being a bigger version of you. You are going to make bigger mistakes but you are going to have much bigger successes as well.

The equation remains roughly the same in each of your individual lives. You are not out of control. You have simply stepped into a bigger version of yourself. If you can try to retain the perspective, it is going to help you avoid panic. You might even write this down and post it somewhere to see it every day. Stay on the course you are on. The intentions you set earlier this year are unfolding beautifully in each of your lives. Let it be bigger. There is very little that you need to resist here. Trust that what you have set in motion is exactly what you need. Follow it through with as much integrity and love as you possibly can. You are doing beautifully!

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