What energy and experiences can we expect in August 2007?

You can expect an uprising. The energy of August 2007 looks like a dust devil or a whirlwind moving across a prairie. In your personal lives and in the collective experience, a great deal of energy has been moving rapidly and chaotically, and finally this motion will begin to take shape. It begins to take form that moves upward. Understanding this upward motion will greatly affect your ability to navigate the month of August 2007.

How can we best work with this energy?

The best way to work with the energy of August 2007 is to pay attention to the flux of your own energy and develop a rhythm for yourself. Just as if you were swept in a whirlwind, if you accustom yourself to the rhythm of the swirling energy, you can use it to further your upward and forward motion in your life. Take time to recognize the rhythm in your individual life. Be aware that your personal cycle might be quite different from the cycles of those around you or from the cycles imposed on you by deadlines or schedules.

Each of you has your own different rhythm and it may very over time. Some of you have a daily rhythm; for instance, your energy might speed up in the morning and slow down throughout the rest of the day. Others of you have a have a weekly rhythm; for instance, five days might move quickly then you need one or two days of silence. It does not matter how long your cycle is, nor how variable the rhythm. What matters is whether you attune yourself and plan your life according to your own unique rhythm. If you know you lose attention after three hours, do not plan an activity that will last longer than three hours. If you know that you are exhausted after four days of work, find a way to take a day off every four days or plan for more simple activities on the fifth work day in your cycle.

Things are moving so fast at this point in time, that you simply do not have much extra energy to use to wait for the "right" moment, or to delay your needs for someone else's convenience. When you embrace your own rhythm, you will be far more productive and joyful than if you try to squeeze yourself into an external cycle.

If you do not pay attention, articulate, and adjust to your own personal rhythms throughout the month of August, you may find yourself feeling as you felt in July. It may seem as if ideas, events, and people are flying around you so fast that you feel out of control, disoriented, and chaotic. The experience of chaos is not necessary in August 2007, but the rapid motion of energy will continue. Your world has accelerated, and you are learning to accelerate, too!

Once you have developed your own rhythm, identify and take advantage of the quiet moments that occur naturally in the silence between the pulsing of your own beat. These silences are invaluable in the month of August 2007, for even if each of you will continue to be in motion throughout the month. The Earth itself and humanity will continue to be in motion. It is likely that you will see much change around you -- in your in your governments, in the physical world, in social movements and uprisings, and in your personal lives. Your ability to take advantage of your own quiet moments will be your saving grace in the month of August 2007.

In addition, as you take advantage of your own rhythm, you are likely to find a great deal of fun in August of 2007. Life are inherently lighter this month than it was in July and even in June. You are getting a feel for how to live in a more multidimensional way. The uprising energy of August lends itself easily to laughter, to jumping, to dancing, to singing, and to joy. Do not let a moment passed by without finding some way to enjoy it!

Are there any special days for us to know about in August 2007?

This is such an active month, so almost every day in August will be significant to you in one way or another. At the collective and global level, the 10th and the 11th have an icy, cool energy. They may offer an opportunity to cool your head or quiet your spirit, but be cautious that you do not freeze up on these days. Strive to maintain your flexibility. When things get tight, allow this to be a cooling time for you, not a time to become a static or brittle. These are excellent days to take time away and retreat from your everyday life. Simplify your life as much as possible on these days.

Further, August 27th comes like a thunder clap. This day might surprise you. Strive to be open to anything and take advantage of any opportunity that comes to you on or around the day of August 27th. It is the kind of surprise that leads to delight.

Is there anything else for us to know about August 2007?

You will be benefited this month by using your physical bodies. The way that the energy of August 2007 will channel itself through most of your physical bodies can best be expressed to your arms and shoulders. The sweeping motion of the uprising energy will translate itself easily into sweeping motions with your body. Spread your arms out wide to embrace the day and to embrace one another. Wrap your arms around one another. Swing your arms freely as you walk.

Your bodies have the ability to channel so much more energy than most of you are using, and as you open yourselves to Enlightenment, it becomes inevitable that your bodies experience the energy of your own Higher Selves. If you move forward into higher energy fields, yet you hold your bodies in the ways that they have always been held, you are guaranteed to experience physical discomfort. The energy you channel through your lives is just so much bigger than it used to be! It will serve you greatly to open your bodies to receive it and to channel its healing energy. The energy you channel is a part of you -- it is your own unique connection to Spirit.

This month, swing your arms wide, stretch, take a deep breath. If you if you ever wanted to try a new physical activity, do it this month. Do not delay. There is so much available to you this month if you will let your body partner with this energy. Remember, the energy of August carries upliftment and joy. Move forward into every new day with the sense that this energy will support you in every endeavor!

Please tell us about the energy of the Lion's Gate in August 2007, and how we can work with the energy.

The Lion’s Gate is labeled as such because the energy of the opening is equivalent to the sound of a roar or the rush of wind or water moving through a small space. The Lion's Gate is an enormous portal created by the alignment of the stars and an agreement by humanity to move forward collectively at this time. The portal itself was foreseen by your ancestors. However, it was never guaranteed to occur and it only occurs because you as a human family have agreed for it to open.

Much of the energy that will come through during the Lion's Gate is a reflection of, or a translation of, what each of you created during the Fire the Grid activity that occurred in July 2007. The Lion's Gate is not wholly attributable to the Fire the Grid exercise, but what you conceived when you fired the grid will be translated in part through the energy of the Lion's Gate. During the energy of the Lion's Gate, which occurs from the end of July through the 12th day of August, many of you will feel expectant, as if something is about to happen. Try not to be disappointed when you do not see an immediate physical manifestation for this feeling. The feeling itself is a step in your Enlightenment process. It is a reflection of your ability to sense more than you could before. This feeling is also your body's interpretation of the download of energy that you are receiving during the Lion's Gate.

While the energy of the Lion's Gate is available to all of humanity, there is as sacred circle of humans who are one with the Lion's Gate. For those of you who feel interested in or drawn to this portal, be aware that you will be asked to speak during the month of August 2007. The Lion's Gate demands that you open your voice to the world, that you speak your truth when it is called for, and that you stop hiding yourself! The Lion's Gate clears a space in the world for those of you who have been expanding in silence to finally speak your mind and share your heart. If you find that you are continually called upon to speak publicly or personally, or to speak for another who has been silenced, you can know that you are attuned to the energy of the Lion's gate. This portal is offering you space for your voice and it will be nearly impossible to ignore the call to open your heart and speak that which must finally be said. This will occur on a daily basis in your everyday lives -- you will speak gently with a loved one, or you will decide to stand at a pulpit or a podium, but your voice will be heard. We can assure you that with the roar of the lion, a space has been cleared for you in the world. There is no need to hide any longer.

How are the rhythms of the New Earth changing during August 2007, and how can we best navigate these changing rhythms?

The best words to describe the energy of the Earth during the year 2007 are stillness and seething. This seething is not associated with anger, but with tension and heat. Those of you who are attuned to the Earth's rhythms are likely to feel tension or heat rising. Do not fear that something disastrous will occur. While natural disasters have occurred throughout the history of planet Earth and will continue to occur, the tension you are sensing at this time is not portentous of an unusual event.

You will find that much of the Earth's energy is in stillness and is locked in a quiet tension in order to facilitate the clarity that each of you is establishing during the year of 2007. During August, tension is rising between the tectonic plates of planet Earth. You may see a rise in small earthquakes, particularly around the Pacific Rim and in eastern Africa. The best thing you can do for planet Earth is to hold her in your hearts as she exerts the energy necessary to hold parts of herself still while other parts continue to be in motion. The best way to navigate the rhythms of the Earth will be in establishing an expression of your personal rhythm. Dance, stretch, move, run, or do anything that helps you express the rhythm of your body in stillness or in motion.

What is the significance of the energy of sound during August 2007? What sounds will be useful for us to work with during the month?

Sound is a vital way that human beings connect with themselves, with Spirit, and with the world around them. Every month carries a different vibration, as does each day and each moment. Expressing these different vibrations through sound will always be beneficial for you. It is one of the primary languages of creation.

During the month of August 2007, particularly during the Lion's Gate portal, many of you will find it useful to use the sacred Sanskrit chants in order to ground yourselves and expand yourself simultaneously. There are particular chants that open a fire within you and that create a spiral of fire energy through you, including the Managalam and the Gaayatri. These will be highly beneficial for you during August 2007.

Other specific sounds that will be useful in harnessing the energy of this month include clear soprano voices such as the voice of Celine Dion, the songs of nightingales and mockingbirds, and rushing sounds found in nature such as waves on a beach or wind through the trees. If you find yourself disoriented or struggling with chaos during this month, you can create a sound that will help you become grounded and help you orient yourself in the particular rhythm of your life. Create this sound simply by blowing air outward through your mouth as if you were blowing a candle out. Creating this sound will help bring you around to that particular spiraling energy that you live in and help you establish a rhythm for yourself. Use this sound at any time. It is equivalent to taking a deep breath to center yourself. You can use it in any situation for a brief moment, or for extended periods of time in order to clear your mind more thoroughly.

Is there anything else for us to know in the month of August 2007?

Remember to laugh. Laughter is a perfect expression of your upward spiraling energy and a perfect reflection of the joy that is available to you in August 2007. You are like human rocket ships finally launching forward and moving through space. Do not fear the new things that appear around you. Simply look upward, do what must be done to move forward, and take joy in the life you have created!

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