What energy and experiences can we expect in April 2013?

This month has a strong sense of focus. There is a feeling that many
different ideas come together at one time. What has been expansive and
ethereal now begins to take a more distinctive shape. This month, it will
be important for you to choose a few priorities and stay focused on those
priorities. It will be important for you to change your ideas into action,
and to come up with concrete strategies and plans that help you turn your
dreams into reality.

This month is a good time to get work done. This might be work in your
career, but it also might be work in your personal life, your home life or in
your family. The most important thing you can do this month is to take
your ideas and put them into some kind of concrete form. Make lists, write
the plan, and take some form of action. Action is important this month.
It seems that so much new energy has opened up so far this year, and so
many people have expanded themselves in the last couple of years, that
now humanity has a bigger collective spirit and potential.

In most of your lives, you will find that everything you are involved in feels
big and perhaps overwhelming. It might seem difficult to get things done.
You may find it difficult to conceptualize how you will turn the big shift into
real life change. The key this month will be to take one thing at a time.
Do not try to answer the call of all your dreams, but do find one concrete
action or product that you can do this month that is in alignment with those

Think about what really helps you get your feet on the ground. In the past
two years you have needed to focus on your energetic well-being and your
spiritual evolution, and sometimes you can imagine that spiritual evolution
takes you away from everyday human life, but the ultimate expression of
spiritual change is in the way that it is implemented into everyday life. Do
not shy away from the work that comes your way this month. Roll up your
sleeves and try your best to be focused on one activity at a time.

What specific activities can we engage in this month that will help us harness that energy?

One activity to help harness the energy is to choose an action that you
can take any time you find your attention drifting or you find yourself
daydreaming. It should be a very simple, concrete, physical action. If you
work at a desk and you find that your attention is drifting, the action you
might take is to stand up and stretch, or to stand up and walk around the
office building. You might also choose to have a drink of water, or to do five
push-ups. Any physical task will do as long as it physically moves you from
the position you were in when your mind began to wander.

It is especially important to avoid letting your mind wander too much
this month. It is not a time for thinking; it is a time for action. Use your
muscles. Do not surf the Internet, do not stare off into space, and do not
daydream. Sometimes when you are in the creative process, or answering a
question for yourself, you need a few moments of silence. That is fine. But
avoid that wasted time when your mind wanders away from the task at hand
into distraction.

It is important this month that you stay grounded in your physical body
because that helps you stay focused on what you are doing in the present
moment. Find some physical actions you can take that give you the signal
that it is time to focus, and that help you step out of wasted time and back
into focused energy. If you are in an office, you might jump up and down
or stretch your muscles near your desk. If you are at home you might go
play with your dog or go outside and do a cartwheel or take a brisk walk.
Preferably, it should be somewhat physically challenging. Something that
moves your muscles and raises your pulse just a little bit so that you really
shake yourself back into your body and the moment at hand. That is one
thing that will serve you very well this month.

A second thing that will serve you this month is a list-making exercise. It is
always useful to make lists to help you organize your thoughts. This month,
when you are overwhelmed by a large project or challenge, make a list of
the components of project. List the people involved, the tasks that must be
done, the goals of the project, and every other aspect you can think of.

Once you have made that list, next to each item write down an action that
you can take within one day in regard to that item. For instance, if there is
a person who will be affected by the project and you have some uncertainty
about the effect, maybe the action you can take is it is time to call that
person and have a conversation or offer a proposal. Or, imagine that you
need to find a venue for an event, and that feels like a big task. Break it
down and think of one thing you can actually do right now. Maybe today
you can call the possible venues just to make contact or ask some basic
questions. Even if you do not have the final answer or you are not going
to complete the whole task at once, write down a single action you can
take today for every item on the list. Thinking in terms of single, concrete
actions will help you harness the energy of the month.

This activity can be done in regard to nearly every challenge you face. It
can be done for household tasks, work projects, and other projects. It
can also be done in regard to more amorphous challenges such as working
through a conflict in a relationship. For instance, you can make a list that
includes what you feel, what your friend feels, what you need to say and
what your friend has said to you. Once you make a list of all those things,
and then make a counter list of actions you can take for each item. Perhaps
you need to ask the person a particular question, or maybe you need to
write them a letter. Your action might be a chosen inaction, such as the
choice to give it some time and space before acting again. Even if your
action is inactivity or choosing to wait, write that down so that you know
that is the choice you have made for now. This will prevent you feeling
overwhelmed and anxious during the waiting period.

Anything you can do this month to help you know where you stand on an
issue will help you harness the productive energy of the month.

What collective events can we expect in April of 2013?

This month you can expect a lot of activity, particularly in the realm of social
and political dialogue, big decisions, and strategic events. There is a feeling
that everyone is becoming more active whether they want to or not, and
whether they are ready or not. For those of you who read this message or
otherwise pay attention and take good care of yourselves, you will be able
to take the collective activity and use it productively. But many people will
be propelled into action without realizing how fast things are moving or how
quickly things will change once they begin.

You will see many mistakes made this month. You will see old conspiracies
coming to light this month. You may see some political scandals or other
dramatic news coming to the surface. All of it is there to help keep things
moving. Anything that is stuck on a collective level or a personal level
is going to get moving this month, and that may cause some drama or

It will be useful to be practical and grounded about the collective events
so that you can harness that movement and move with it. This will take
conscious effort on your part. If you let the events unfold without finding
ways to grow from them then you are going to be left behind. Explore how
you feel and what you can learn from collective events as they occur this

As you see collective events unfolding, it is very important that you not
engage in a dramatic or fear based reaction. Difficult news that comes to
the surface this month is always in service of human evolution. Even if you
see news that is difficult to comprehend or hurtful to consider, let yourself
feel that hurt -- let yourself encounter the difficulty and move on. Trust that
what is coming to light is coming so that it can ultimately be resolved.

Is there anything else we need to know about this month of April 2013?

An important element this month is connecting with nature. Part of what
will help you move forward and stay in the flow of things, yet remain
grounded, is being connected with nature. Pay attention to your natural
surroundings. Spend time considering how plants and animals go through
their cycles of growth. Nature has countless different ways of presenting
growth -- the way that growth can happen all at once or very slowly, the
way it can happen in seasons, the way it can go fast and then slow.

Allow yourself to adjust to the rhythms of growth, seeing that even when
things are moving very quickly, that they eventually establish a sustainable
rhythm. Everything is eventually resolved. Even when things seem to be
moving too slowly, eventually they will get done. Everything keeps growing
in nature. It is one of the things that is just true about the natural world. In
order for that growth to occur, things must also die in order to make room
for new growth to appear. Let yourself truly comprehend this fact.

It will serve you to take a walk, look at the trees, watch the birds, and
meditate on how cycles are working in nature and how you are a part of
that. This will help you stay relaxed as the ebb and flow of your own growth
is intensified this month.

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