What energy and experiences can we expect in April 2012?

There is a very strong energy this month that can be taken and used by you to get things done. A guiding principle for this month, April 2012, is the principle of the Divine Masculine. The Divine Masculine is just like the Divine Feminine. It is part of everything; it is part of you. The Divine Masculine is an important part of yourself to reclaim and utilize this month in order to get things done, in order to work toward your goals and in order to save the world. We use that phrase on purpose, "save the world", because that is indeed what you are doing at this time on Planet Earth. The future of humanity is still in question and the way that each of you makes your decisions -- the way you choose your thoughts and take action on any given day -- is making a difference. You are either helping to save the world or you are helping to support its demise.

You can hear a lot more about the Divine Masculine through other channelings, but for now take note that April 2012 holds an energy that is ready to be focused. You will find that your intentions, whether they are purposeful or accidental, will lead to manifestation more easily than usual. When you have a thought, it is more likely to turn into reality. When you have an intention, when you wish for something to occur, it is more likely to occur in some way. That means if you are not being mindful, if you are not being intentional and purposeful with your thoughts and your actions, then you will see things take place that you really do not really wish for. The passing thoughts or whims that you do not think about very consciously will come to fruition in ways that you cannot control or do not expect. So it is important to be mindful and intentional this month. Do not say things you don’t mean, and avoid letting your mind circle around things you do not intend.

The gift of this masculine energy is that if you are mindful about your intentions, if you do choose to focus and take actions that are in alignment with your highest good, you can be incredibly productive this month. This is a month when humanity has the opportunity to start solving some of your biggest problems. You as individuals have the opportunities to start solving some of your biggest issues. Taking action is very important this month. It is very important that you not get lost in your own thoughts or spin around in your own emotions. There is no time for self-pity this month. Look for an action you can take in regard to every thought you have and every emotion that arises. It is fine to allow it and explore it mentally, but look for action you can take. Even if the action you choose is to wait, make sure that you are actively choosing to wait -- that you are intentionally choosing to wait rather than waiting by accident or waiting as a form of avoidance. Avoidance will be toxic to you this month. So whatever you can do, do it. Whatever you are unsure about, take some action to become more certain. Take some action to discover more about the situation at hand.

What specific actions can we take this month to be more purposeful and more productive?

In the past few years, Lightworkers, have been called to focus on your emotions and intentions. You have needed to be mindful about what you are feeling and what you are thinking. All of that remains true, it is still important to be mindful of your thoughts and your emotions. But this month, begin to define your experience more through your actions.

At the end of every day, sit down and write what happened. In a simple way, sketch out the basic plot points of your day. It might be, “I ate breakfast. I had a meeting. I picked up my kids. I did the laundry.” Whatever it might be, just take a brief survey of all of your actions and make a list of the actions of the day. You do not need to write every detail nor do you need to recount every single moment, but be sure to get all of the highlights. Note anything significant or anything that comes to mind for each point. Take a survey, write down your actions and do this every single night during the month of April.

Every few days look back on the survey and begin to notice the patterns. There are certain actions you take every day that you do not really think about any more. There are certain actions that you rarely take but they are significant to you. Start to notice how much of your action is in alignment with what you value most. Start to notice how much your actions are leading you toward something whether it is something you intend or not. By noticing your actions, you can start to see patterns. When you see patterns, then you can start to make different choices -- choices that will lead you to spend more time doing more of what you love, spending more time doing things that productively lead you toward where you want to be. You will see where your actions have been wasted. Where the time you have spent doing some things really is not worth that time that you gave it. So simply take a survey.

This is not about judging yourself and it is not meant to turn you into an efficiency machine. It is meant to help you see more clearly how your actions truly are creating the life that you are living and when you really grasp the truth of that, you become more powerful than ever before. When you grasp the truth of how your actions actually create your reality, then you are able to decide for yourself what reality you will establish for yourself. You will be able to decide for yourself what you spend your time doing. This will change everything for you. This makes it possible for you to decide what life you are living.

Is there anything for us to watch out for or avoid this month?

It is really important this month that you really focus in on yourself and your life and your choices and actions. You will see people around you making mistakes; you will see people wasting their time, especially as you become aware of your own path. You are going to see more clearly how other people are taking actions that are counterproductive to their goals. You are going to see this more clearly in others, but it is very important this month that you avoid trying to take care of other people's problems or make other people's choices for them. It is very important that you stay focused on your life -- what your choices are, what you are able to accomplish yourself.

Avoid being bossy, but do be supportive and available to help others if they ask for it. It is always true but especially this month -- do not impose your opinion on other people. Let people find their own path. Trust that the actions you take and the adjustments you make in your own path will be noticed by those who are ready to see. You will be noticed and you will serve as a role model to inspire others to become more productive and more powerful themselves. But it will not work if you tell them what to do or you try to explain to them or convince them that they should become more accountable for their choices and their actions. Simply act as a role model. Take full accountability for your own self and your own life and trust that the people around you will fall into place accordingly.

Is there anything else the Keepers want to tell us about April 2012?

Yes. Part of taking full accountability for yourself and part of really harnessing the power of your ability to choose and to act includes embracing your mistakes. Part of the wisdom of the Divine Masculine is the wisdom that mistakes are beneficial -- that mistakes are a gift. Mistakes lead you to learn invaluable lessons. Mistakes, if you harness them, make you more powerful and they make you happier. Be sure to acknowledge your mistakes, take accountability for them, apologize and make amends, but do not slip into self-blame or self-loathing. Be willing to see your mistake for what it is and then shrug and forgive yourself. Learn what you can and move on. Your mistakes can be the most powerful gift available if you will approach them as a learning process. Avoid listening to the critical mind that tells you that you are bad or that there is something wrong. When you make a mistake, it is not a sign that there is something wrong with you. It is a sign that you have something to learn, and the wisdom and the power of the Divine Masculine will give you the opportunity to learn it and become better and happier than ever before. So embrace your mistakes. Say them out loud. Tell people about them. Laugh about them. Learn what you can and let them go.

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