What energy and experiences can we expect in April of 2010?

This month it is time to take action. You have learned a lot. Most of you have been in what you would call survival mode because so many challenges have arisen. Many of you have been facing your fears for so long that you have forgotten what it was like to feel free. With so much to learn, you have only been able to deal with one thing at a time and feeling oftentimes overwhelmed and unable to fully grasp the bigger picture. There is nothing wrong with you for feeling this. In fact, almost everyone on Planet Earth has been feeling this for the last several years. This month it becomes possible for more of you to see the bigger picture or get a sense of what is to come.

This is an important month to take action in regard to those things for which you have been waiting for so very long. All of you have a list of things you hope will happen in your lives at some point. You will also have a list of reasons that you have not done those things yet or those things have not yet come to pass. This is the month when it is finally time for you to take action toward those things you wish to come into your life. If you want to have a larger family, take action toward having a larger sense of family. If you want a better job, take action toward getting a better job. You will not find that these things come to be all at once, but the shift that occurs this month is that it is now time for you to take action. Waiting will not serve you in any way at this point. There is no more information coming. There is no more skill you need to develop that will enable you to take the next step. The next step may be to begin to develop a skill. There is no reason to wait before beginning to develop that skill.

April 2010 is a month of action. It is time to make a list of things that you are going to do and do them. Anything that stands in your way -- a self critical thought, a relationship that takes too much of your time, self sabotaging behaviors -- anything that stands in your way must be removed at this point. Even if the action you take on any given day is very, very small, it is still vitally important that you take action. This is a month when you will find that you simply cannot wait anymore to move toward and create the life that you really wish to be living.

How can we best use the energy this month?

For many of you, the energy will come as a sense of relief or empowerment, especially if you really worked on building your sense of strength and support in your life last month. What you are likely to feel this month is a sense of relief. As the strength you have been building begins to take shape and form, as the weakening things in your life that you let go of last month are gone, you will find yourself with more free time with more energy free and available to pursue your dreams. If you do not find yourselves with the sense that there is more time and energy available for you, is vitally important now that you look at those things that take most of your time and find a way to readjust the way you spend your time so that you do have more free time to pursue your dreams.

The energy this month can feel really positive for those of you that have been facing your fears and owning up to and embracing the truth about yourself in your life. You are going to find this month can feel really fun and energizing and like a relief. Even though it will be a busy, productive, expansive month you will still feel a sense of relief. It is as if the train is finally rolling out of the station and you can take a deep breath and move on.

Are there any power days this month?

April 4 is a special kind of portal. People usually talk about portals as being gateways to the heavens, but a gateway can also be a portal to the earth and that is what this month is. It is your connection with Planet Earth. The divine magical and sacred nature of every day life and mundane events is evident today. On April 4 it is a great time for you to go about your day as a form of sacrament, as a form of meditation, dedicating the work you do on this day to the greater good of humanity and the divine. This is a day when the sacredness of every day life will be evident and should be recognized and honored.

April 8 is also an important day. This day is a turning point. Pay attention to anything that comes your way. Know that anything that happens on this day is charged with meaning and you will not know until you get there what the meaning is. Things will occur on this day that if they had occurred at any other point you may not have noticed. But because they will occur on this day, they are going to catch your attention.

It is important that you define for yourself your own sense of meaning. Even if everyone things something wonderful has happened, if you do not feel wonderful about it, then consider that the event has more meaning for you; that there is something deeper. Or vice versa. If everyone tells you that something is terrible but you actually enjoy it, go ahead and define for yourself what the meaning is of the event. There are deeper levels available on this day that makes it a turning point. It is like you will understand yourselves in an entirely new way today. It is almost as if you will wake up a different person. Explore yourself and explore your life with fresh eyes on April 8.

Is there anything else the Keepers want to tell us about April 2010?

This is an important month for animals. Animals always have messages for humanity, but particularly at this time animals are sending messages. Animals are changing their behavior in ways that call your attention to humanity's next steps. Pay attention to the animals in your personal life and also pay attention to animals on a greater scale. Look for animal messages this month. Look for ways that animals appear to you both as physical beings but also, an animal might appear in a movie or in a picture or photograph. Pay attention to any animals that appear to you this month. They have sacred messages. This is an important month for working with animal totems and interacting with the wisdom of the animal world.

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